Studying money?

2020-10-20 15:05:03

Ko Ji-yong, Heo Yang-im's son, Ko Seung-jae, scored high in all areas with the top 0.5% intelligence

Ko Ji-yong's family's concerns and solutions were revealed.

In the 48th episode of MBC'Study Is Money?' (Planned Park Hyun-seok / Producer Sun Hye-yoon) broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 13th, the family of Ko Ji-yong (41 years old born in 1980) appeared, and Seung-jae's education worries about entering elementary school next year

Special solutions from experts tailored to each other were unfolded.

Seungjae, who resembles Ko Ji-yong and Heo Yang-im's intelligence and beauty, surprised everyone with her excellent English skills, love for insects, and excellent art sense.

Go Ji-yong expressed his regret as a father, saying to his son Seung-jae, who was well covered, "Because I was living without a spirit, I was growing up all of a sudden. It's a pity to grow up quickly."

The special study method of mother Heo Yang-im and Seung-jae, which were released on the broadcast that day, attracted attention.

Seungjae, who came to search for books by listing poisonous animals in one word he learned while studying English, even wrote the geography of the animals.

Heo Yang-im, who waited for Seung-jae silently, led his interest by connecting with appropriate questions.

Expert Lee Sun-hee praised this study method, saying, "It's not a bad thing because fusion occurs in my head."

Seungjae, who has shown extraordinary affection for dinosaurs and animals since childhood, was obsessed with raising 13 loach that his grandmother bought a while ago.

Among insects, Seung-jae, who likes mantis the most, goes on a nature experience study with his father, Ji-yong Ko.

In particular, Seungjae, who has recently become more interested in insect-gathering videos, seems to focus on watching the video at first.

So'Is studying money?'

Experts like Seungjae, who are curious about insects and living creatures, provide customized solutions for how to develop attachment and consideration for children, the merits of raising companion animals, and how to use video media that became inevitable for education.

I elicited a response.

On the other hand, Seungjae Ko, who showed great interest in art and boasted an excellent sense of art, showed a tendency to keep trying until he liked it.

Heo Yang-im said, "I didn't know if there was such a side," and couldn't hide his surprise at the appearance of his son for the first time.

Seungjae's propensity to perfectionism was also seen while solving math problems and playing games.

The experts drew attention by suggesting realistic methods, such as sticking a favorite sticker to make you feel attached rather than rejection, or circle it if it is correct, rather than immediately marking the wrong problem.

In addition to this, it provides super-high-level information on the latest education trends that are markedly different from the current generation of parents, such as checklists for seungjae ahead of elementary school entrance, thinking about creativity education, which has been emphasized recently, and the hottest coding education in Daechi-dong, education no.

It was publicly praised.

As a result of conducting a psychological test to learn more about Seungjae, it was amazed by the high score in all areas with the top 0.5% intelligence.

Expert Son Jeong-seon said, "It is the stone that will become a fusion-type talent." In the case of Seungjae, who has clear likes and dislikes, he said that if he develops temperance to control his needs, it will help his learning attitude and lifestyle.

After all the solutions were over, Ji-Yong Ko said, "I thought I should participate in child-raising a little more and become a dad like a friend and an older brother."

I think I'm gaining a lot of strength that I think I can do. Thank you."

As such,'Is studying money?' struck the home theater on Tuesday evening with highly realistic information and solutions to snipe the daily life of Ko Ji-yong's family and the hearts of parents with children who are about to enter elementary school.

'Is studying money?', which has been well received for customized educational solutions from various experts every time.

Season 1 is scheduled to end on October 20, and the timing of the launch of Season 2 is under discussion.