'Burning Youth' Kim Hong-pyo gives up acting after getting off Im Kuk-jeong in a traffic accident... Choi Seong-guk's passengers have been hiding actors and driving surrogate, which hurts the most

2020-10-20 18:45:04

SBS'Burning Youth' new friend Kim Hong-pyo tells the story of giving up acting.

Kim Hong-pyo (47 years old, born in 1974), who appeared in Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do, after putting on an arm cast for the first time last week in'Burning Youth (Uncomfortable)', enjoyed traveling with youth comfortably with his unique affinity.

After lunch, the youth gathered in one room to get to know him.

Hong-pyo and SBS public recruitment talent Choi Seong-guk (born in 1970, 51 years old) introduced "Hong-pyo is a person who has no likes and dislikes."

Following that, I remembered the 1996 SBS drama ``Im Kkeok-jeong,'' in which Kim Hong-pyo played the lead role, saying that he was the first actor who received attention during the same period.

Accordingly, Kim Hong-pyo shared the story of having to get off at ``Im Kwok-jeong,'' who was appearing in a major car accident during his active activities at the time, and had to give up his dream of acting with extreme stress because his body did not follow the 4 major surgery.

Kim Hong-pyo confessed that it was difficult to do anything other than'actor' in Seoul, and eventually went down to the provinces and did various things.

At the very beginning, I worked for everything from landscaping for daily use to signboard work, but even that was not easy to earn, so I even forced myself to drive at night.

Choi Seong-guk, who heard this, said that it was the most heartbreaking for Kim Hong-pyo to drive as an actor hiding from the passengers.

In response, Kim Hong-pyo showed off his warm motive, saying that Choi Seong-guk secretly cared for him.

Meanwhile, Choi Seong-guk, who suggested a special blind date to Kwak Jin-young, surprised everyone by instantly inviting a mysterious man whom Jin-young was interested in to travel.

The mysterious man ran to Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do, which takes about 5 hours from Seoul to meet Jinyoung.

He even appeared with a suit that was difficult to see in the unintentional scene, and couldn't hide his excitement, saying, "I went to the shop (for a blind date)."

The youth prepared their own seats for the blind date of the two.

I made a table using a drum and a basin on the spot, and added a romantic sensibility using flowers that bloomed nearby.

In addition, Shin Hyo-beom (born in 1966, age 55) perfectly directed Kwak Jin-young's hair styling.

Finally, Kwak Jin-young, whom he met dramatically, and a mysterious man discovered many unexpected things in common and began to have a long conversation.

And the young people who secretly watched their meeting in the room felt the excitement of the agency.

It is said that at the moment when he was about to finish the blind date, the 8-headed suitnam said, "I want to talk more with (Jinyoung)" and extended the blind date time, which truly surprised the youth.

Viewers who watched the ‘Uncomfortable’ trailer speculated that the man on a blind date was actor Han Jeong-soo (born in 1972, age 49).

The tumultuous story of the new friend Kim Hong-pyo, who even drove in the province, and the fluttering explosive blind date of Kwak Jin-young and 8-headed suitnam, who transformed into Lady Yo-jo, will be unveiled on SBS'Burning Youth' at 11:10 p.m.