'Problem Son of the Rooftop Room' Kim Han-gil After fighting lung cancer, I saw my wife Choi Myung-gil again

2020-10-20 20:05:04

Kim Han-gil, who found the'Trouble Son of the Rooftop Room', reveals the story of how he was moved by his wife Choi Myung-gil's special gift during the fight.

KBS 2TV entertainment program'Trouble Sons of the Rooftop Room', broadcast at 10:40 pm on Tuesday, October 20, is a quiz program that solves common sense problems by Kim Yong-man, Song Eun-i, Kim Sook, Jeong Hyeong-don, and Min Kyung-hoon.

Kim Han-gil and Choi Myung-gil, who are living a second life after crossing a big hurdle, will appear together to release the episode.

On this day, Kim Han-gil (age 68, born in 1953) revealed that many parts of his life have changed since the fight against cancer. In particular, "I saw my wife Choi Myung-gil (age 59, born in 1962) again." The difficult time was an opportunity to realize the importance of the family.

I confessed that it was done.

Following that, Kim Han-gil revealed the'second proposal' he received from Choi Myung-gil and caught the eye. When Kim Han-gil, who had fallen into a coma, regained consciousness in two weeks, Choi Myung-gil said, "I wanted to give it to you, so I brought it" and married 25 years ago.

He handed the matched silver ring as a surprise.

Kim Han-gil said that he was in a hazy state due to less consciousness recovery at the time, but the moment he received the ring, he said, "I was almost in tears," and later revealed that "I always carry the ring with my body." Choi Myung-gil's special gift is a great power to overcome the struggle.

I conveyed that it was done.

Myung-Gil Choi also said that her husband in the hospital room always had a painful expression, but the moment he gave the ring, he said, "I laughed brightly for the first time."

Kim Han-gil and Choi Myung-gil's struggle to overcome the disease that gave a special impression begins at 10:40 on the evening of Tuesday, October 20 at KBS 2TV's'Troublesome Son of the Rooftop Room'.