Can fermented foods such as cabbage and kimchi be a way to prevent Corona 19?

2020-10-21 15:45:03

“The Secret of a Living Soldier (Director Heung-Ryeol Jeon, Author Ji-Young Kim, Eru-Ri)” The subtitle of the broadcast on Wednesday on the 21st is “Escape from the High Risk Forces of Corona 19”.

The attacks of the Corona 19 virus, which terrified the world, are not stopping.

The threat of the Corona 19 virus, which has not subsided and raged.

Already over 1 million people died worldwide

In particular, since autumn, the temperature and humidity have been lowered, making it a favorable environment for the survival and transmission of viruses.

There is growing concern about the outbreak of a “twin demic,” in which Corona 19 and influenza, that is, the flu virus simultaneously pandemic!

Corona 19 virus that attacks certain people more severely, even more deadly.

From hospitalization to intensive care unit to death, who are more fatal to Corona 19?

Let's find out about the high-risk group of Corona 19

On Wednesday, October 21, at 10:00 pm on KBS 1TV's ‘The Secret of a Living Soldier,’ we will find out how to escape from the high-risk group of Corona 19.

■ A cure for Corona 19 who died and lived in the intensive care unit

Kang Byung-chul was admitted to the intensive care unit immediately at the time of hospitalization due to the Corona 19 infection.

His wife was also infected with Corona 19, but she suffered lightly like a cold.

However, the hospital deteriorated to the point that Kang Byung-chul called his family when he was admitted and told him to prepare his heart.

What was the factor that brought Kang Byung-chul to the threshold of death?

Kang Byung-chul, who suffered from obesity and diabetes when hospitalized.

Says that the cause of the severe worsening of Corona 19 is an underlying disease.

■ Diabetes and obesity are leading to death!

What are some of the risk factors that seriously worsen Corona 19?

The four risk factors for severe exacerbation of Corona 19 Chinese character include body temperature above 37.8 degrees, heart damage, diabetes, and less than 92% oxygen saturation (normal range of oxygen saturation: 95-100%).

Before Corona 19 infection, Kim Soo-young (pseudonym), who was suffering from diabetes and obesity, was the only family member to be infected with Corona 19.

Kim Soo-young (pseudonym) was more susceptible to Corona 19 infection due to the underlying disease.

Even after Corona 19 is cured, he is still fighting diabetes and trying to control blood sugar.

■ Low mortality in Asia!

The answer lies in kimchi?

Corona 19 originated in Asia.

However, the death rate of Corona 19 in Korea is very low.

Are there any other factors other than overworked quarantine and medical system?

We learned that in France,'Chinese cabbage and fermented food' could be another factor.

Regions in France with a low COVID-19 mortality rate ate “Sucrt”, a food pickled in cabbage, which is very similar to Korean “baek kimchi”.

Diabetes, smokers, and ischemic stroke patients who are susceptible to Corona 19 have a lot of ACE2 (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2), which is the body penetration pathway of Corona 19, and Chinese cabbage or fermented foods are known to inhibit ACE2 activity.

In other words, Chinese cabbage and fermented foods can be a way to prevent Corona 19.

Who are the high-risk groups for COVID-19, and what can we do to escape from the high-risk groups for COVID-19?

We are revealing how to manage what we need to do to survive the Corona 19 attack.

“The Secret of a Lifeless Soldier” starts at 10 PM on KBS 1TV.