What is the intention of the spy who loved me, the relationship between the characters that you see as a character, some parts, and the existence of the original?

2020-10-21 18:45:03

MBC's new Wednesday and Thursday drama, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” aired for the first time on the afternoon of the 21st, depicts a thrilling secret romantic comedy between two secret husbands and a woman caught up in an espionage war.

The planning intention revealed by the production team through the drama's homepage is "We are trying to reveal the secret innermost of the love and marital relationship between men and women by closely weaving the two subjects of marriage and espionage."

The figures and relationship diagrams of the characters in the drama “The Spy Who Loved Me” are as follows.

■ Main person Inna Yoo: Areum Kang (30s, female) Role-A woman married to two spies, chief designer of beautiful dresses.

A passionate fighting girl who is strong and beautiful like her name, always with bright energy and a smile. Eric: Jeon Ji-hoon (Age 30, male)-Beautiful ex-husband, an Interpol secret agent disguised as a travel writer.

A livelihood spy disguised as a travel writer. Lim Joo-hwan: Derek Hyun (30s, male) role-Aum's current husband, industrial spy disguised as a diplomatic official

Representative of Helmes (Industrial Spy Agency) Asia Branch.

■ People of Jihoon Kim Tae-woo: Jin-min Ban (50s, male)-Interpol's Director General of Asia, International Bureau of Industrial Secretariat, veteran of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the National Police Agency.

2 Asia Branch Team Leader.

Ji-hoon's mentor and father-like existence. Cha Ju-young: Hwang Seo-ra (30s, female)-A secret agent from the 2nd Asia Branch of the Interpol Industrial Secret Service disguised as a designer.

IQ157 genius. Bae In-hyuk: Kim Young-gu (20s, male) Role-Secret agent of the 2nd Asia Branch of Interpol's Bureau of Industrial Secrets, the youngest member of the 2nd Asian Branch of the Bureau of Industrial Secrets, sales manager of Gulliver Publishing.

The name is stupid.

The face is genius.

Even the head is genius.

■ Beautiful People Park So-jin: Bae Doo-rae (30s, female)-Beautiful business partner and best friend, co-representative of Beautiful Dress.

He is an immarriist. Kim Cheong: Han Bok-Shim (60s, female)-A beautiful mother, Camellia Joodan Ahn Joo-in. Yoon So-hee: Sophie (Age 30s, female)-Genius scientist, Korea Director of Ecosun Project.

Beautiful Alumni and friend of 20 years.

■ People of Derek Seung-bin Jeon: Peter (30s, male)-Helmes Asia branch industrial spy, Helmes Asia branch industrial spy. Lee Jong-won: Tinker (20s, male)-Helmes youngest, M classic car representative.

Handsome Otaku, a classic car restoration expert. Kim Hye-ok: Herashin (60s, female)-Derek Hyun's mother, beautiful mother-in-law.

■ Felix Ji Hyeon-jun: Jang Doo-bong (30s, male)-Agent Felix, after having a big accident and being kicked out of Felix, is thinking about getting a job at another industrial spy company or starting a new business.

She is in love at a glance when she sees Seora approaching herself with a smirk and smirk style.

■ DDK Group Chair Jae-ho: Kim Dong-taek (30s, male) Role-DDK Group’s eldest son, DDK Medical CEO.

It has been blowing up money for several years saying that it will grow the pharmaceutical bio field into the future of the group.

Younger sister Dongran, who is known to be smarter and stronger than herself, uses Helmes as her last act when her younger sister Dongran, who is reputed to be smarter and stronger than herself, uses Helmes as her last act.

A capable woman who confidently tells her that she will die if she is unlucky because she was born as a second-generation chaebol this time, so she will use her power and abilities to the fullest.

He does not hesitate to use the politics of terror to drive out his incompetent brother Dong-taek.

On the other hand, the number of episodes of “The Spy Who Loved Me” is also drawing attention, and it is a 16 episode.

In addition, there are several dramas that have recently been aired on the webtoon, but this drama is an original drama and does not exist separately.

This drama, which is a Wednesday and Thursday drama, airs on MBC at 9:20 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.