'Trotshin Outing 2'Kim Jung-ho's son, Kim Tae-wook & So-myeong's daughter Soomi So-mi, come up to the second round with only their skills without a father's halo

2020-10-21 20:05:04

The powerful players of'Trotshin's Outing 2-Last Chance' add the heat of the second round.

In the 7th episode of SBS'Trotshin Outing 2-Last Chance' (hereinafter'Trotshin 2'), which airs on October 21, the second round, which is more intense, will be unfolded.

'Trotshin 2'captivates viewers with the sincere stage of unknown singers, one-point lessons of trotsins, and the result of transcendence of imagination, and is positioned as the strongest entertainment on Wednesday night.

Immediately after each broadcast, the cast members dominate the top of the real-time search word and swept the topic. On this day, the stage of the talented people who cannot cover the superiority of the second round continues.

With just one stage of the first round, it is expected that the new songs of the unknown singers that the viewers have been waiting for the next stage will excite the hearts of the viewers.

First, Punggeum, the protagonist of the reality version of'Beauty is Pain', which was highly praised by the trot gods as "The Classic of Trot," and Han Bom, a local singer from Jinju, one of the highest points in the first round, will go on stage.

The two people, who were noted for their unique story, attractive tone, and passion for singing, raise questions about which stage they would show off their singing skills this time.

In addition, the challenge of the second generation who inherited Trot's blood also attracts attention.

The main characters are Kim Tae-wook, son of composer Kim Jeong-ho of'The Man with Flowers', and Yoomi So-mi, daughter of trot singer calling.

Among the two performers who went up to the 2nd round only with their skills without a father's halo, some of the performers who heard Trossin's praise for "Better than Father" amplify curiosity.

Along with this, talented people reminiscent of the group of death, such as Son Bin-ah, the protagonist of emotional voice, and Choi Ye-jin, who won the Korean Music Awards, will appear in a row.

However, there are shocking dropouts among them, and there are many reversals from the first bar to the stage where everyone expects to be "1st place", making the broadcast of'Trossine 2'even more awaited.

Meanwhile, SBS'Trotshin Outing 2-Last Chance' will be aired at 9 pm on the 21st.