Lee Eun-mi and Park Kalin's talk revealed by'Radio Star' judges

2020-10-21 22:05:04

Singer Lee Eun-mi reveals the reason for being relieved when she sees Park Kalin, who is considered as the ``dog-legged two-headed carriage'' of the audition judge.

He also raises curiosity because he recalls the scene where he admired "Jeon Hyun-moo!"

The first-generation musical director, Park Kalin, is going to reveal the feelings contained in his strong remarks, "I want to be beaten (?)" during the audition program screening, which stimulates curiosity.

MBC'Radio Star' (planned Soo-young Ahn / Director Haeng-ho Choi), scheduled to broadcast at 10:40 pm on Wednesday, 21st, is the four judges who will discover the second Na Hoon-ah and Cho Yong-pil through'The People of Trot'.

It is decorated with a special feature of'The God of Music' with Park Kalin and Lee Kun-woo.

As a special MC, Hyun-moo Jeon is in harmony with the four gods of music in'The People of Trot'.

'Barefoot Diva' Lee Eun-mi (55 years old born in 1966), who showed off their own musical colors in all genres such as jazz, ballad, rock, R&B, etc. for 31 years, will be broadcast on the 23rd.

'Through'Trot Singer'.

Eun-mi Lee reveals the reason why he came to the screening of the trot genre, which is somewhat different from the usual color of music.

In addition, he cites Kalin Park, a stubborn pair of audition judges, as a reason for appearing in'The People of Trot', saying, "I'll share the curse.."

In addition to this, Eun-mi Lee is going to reminisce the memory of admiring his true value, saying, "As expected, Jeon Hyun-moo!"

It raises the curiosity about what the story is.

The first-generation musical director and charismatic owner Park Kalin (born in 1967, 54 years old), who did not hesitate to speak on various programs, had no choice but to say that in relation to his "I want to be beaten" remarks that drew attention at the time of an audition.

?) Disclosing your feelings.

In addition, the fact that it is a perfectionism that does not allow 0.1m error and the points that are important when evaluating musicals and auditions are disclosed, raising questions about the fact that he said, "I do back investigation without knowing the actors."

MC Kim Kook-jin, who was in harmony with Park Kalin's professional appearance in'Men's Qualification', said, "One part of the choir was scolded," and recalled the memories of being confused by Master Park Kalin.

Park Kalin's reversal past is also revealed.

He showed off his fresh beauty by participating in a college song festival in his early twenties.

It is a message that the MCs who caught a glimpse of this reminded them of Sophie Marceau in his resemblance.

The conversation between Lee Eun-mi and Park Kalin, the two-headed pair of judges can be confirmed through'Radio Star', which airs at 10:40 pm on Wednesday the 21st.

On the other hand,'Radio Star' is a unique talk show that brings out the real story by disarming the guests with the talk of a village murderer who doesn't know where the 4MCs will bounce.