Musinsa Standard Fleece Discount Random Coupon Quiz Answer Revealed

2020-10-22 12:05:03

Users are interested in the correct answer to the additional quiz of the standard fleece special discount event random coupon in progress at Musinsa.

The first quiz questioned on Thursday on the 22nd was "'A comfortable fit and a relaxed OOO fleece jacket. What is the word in the blank?"

The correct answer is'silhouette'.

The second quiz is "'Musinsa Standard Fleece is not only excellent at OOO, but it is light and soft to the touch. What is the word in the blank?"

The answer is'warmth'.

If you answer the correct answer, you will receive a coupon that can be bought up to 80% cheaper.

In the Musinsa Random Coupon Quiz, only mobile phone certified members can receive payment from the member information, and can participate only once per ID.