'King of Mask Singer' challenged to win three consecutive victories, 'Holic' judges on dreamy stage and song interpretation

2021-08-15 13:45:03

In 'King of Mask Singer', which will be broadcast on the 15th, the stage of the 3rd consecutive victory challenge stage of the singer 'Hwachae' and the stage of 4 masked singers will be revealed.

This week, 'Hwachae', the 2nd winning singer with beautiful charm, challenges 3 straight wins.

She has been well-received by viewers for her unique charms of various genres of songs that she didn't expect, such as Giggs' Unrequited Love' and Baek Ji-young's 'Candy in My Ear'. It is said to add heat to the ‘King of Mask Singer’.

It is said that the judges also fell in love with the dreamy stage and song interpretation unique to the singer ‘Hwachae’.

'Hwachae', a singer with a unique sensibility, will challenge her 3rd consecutive victory with what song, and the curiosity is rising as to whether she will be able to run on the road of the king of longevity by winning 3 consecutive victories over all-time challengers.

On the other hand, for the summer special, the heat for the king's seat is hotter than ever, confusing the judges.

It is said that from the first group of round 2, intense stages that can not be distinguished continue, and they constantly drive the singer ‘Hwachae’ to the brink.

After seeing the stage, Yoon Sang expressed his admiration by saying, “This is a great match among the famous matches!”, and the other judges also praised the fierce stage of the masked singers, saying, “It will not be strange no matter who becomes the king of singers.”

Interest is focused on what the three-way battle for the king will look like, and whether the two-winner ‘Hwachae’ at the edge of the cliff will be able to overcome her crisis and succeed up to three consecutive victories.

In addition, a masked singer surprises everyone by performing a singer-songwriter stage.

Son Seung-yeon, who saw the masked singer's stage, said, "If that person becomes the king, there will be infinite things to show in the future."

Expectations are high as to who the masked singer Son Seung-yeon, who shines 2nd in the history of the King of Kings, will be, and what stage will capture the ears of the judges.

The overwhelming stages of the masked singers, which are refreshing just by looking at them, and the stage for the 3rd consecutive victory challenge of the singer 'Hwachae' can be seen at 'King of Mask Singer' at 6:05 pm tonight.