Lee Young-ae donated all of the documentary fee to the victims of abuse.

2022-05-07 10:05:03

Lee Young-ae's full donation is drawing attention.

Actress Lee Young-ae will be the narrator in EBS Documentary Prime - Children's Rights 6-part 'Children's Rights'.

'Children's Rights' is a planned documentary that examines the current state of children's human rights in Korea on the 100th Children's Day on May 5 this year. It is a program that presents a new paradigm for solving problems.

Part 1 'Record of a Year of Voluntary Report of Child Abuse: My Neighbor's Child', a documentary record of a year of a mother and a child who reported child abuse voluntarily Part 2, 'Children who survived', Part 3, '100 Years of Children's History in Korea: Time as Children', which analyzes the past 100 years from the perspective of children's lives since Children's Day was established on May 1, 1923, Respect between children and parents Part 4 ‘Reverse Idea Project: What is Nagging’ to find the starting point of Part 5 ‘For Children Behind the Door’, which presents a new paradigm to approach the problem of child abuse, and lastly, Judge Chun Jong-ho and others we don’t know well. It consists of 6 parts, 'That's how I become an adult', which tells the lives of children and the stories of adults who work hard for them.

Lee Young-ae was the narrator for the entire six-part series.

After visiting the grave of the late In-yang Jeong in January last year, she has shown a steady interest in children's issues in our society, such as donating to children experiencing domestic violence, participating in this narration and saying, "The 100th Children's Day. I am grateful to be able to participate in a meaningful work at this point in time. I think it will be an opportunity to look into the lives of children that we did not know well and to think about what adults should do for them." .

Lee Young-ae plans to donate all of her filming fees for this documentary to children who are victims of abuse.

I hope that our society will pay more attention to children who have been abused, and above all, hope that we will become a society where child abuse does not occur.

She also recently donated 100 million won to Ukraine in hopes that innocent children will not be sacrificed, and 100 million won to help pediatric patients who cannot go out.

On the occasion of the 100th Children's Day, the documentary that examines the current state of children's rights in Korea and seeks a better society to live with children, EBS Documentary Prime Children's Rights 6-part 'Children's Rights' is released every Monday from the 9th to the 24th. , on Tuesdays at 9:50 p.m. on EBS 1TV.