‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ reveals behind-the-scenes cuts of actors who completed a warm and pleasant human court case

2022-07-11 16:05:04

'Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo' is heating up the main room with the actors' passionate performances and healing chemistry that add depth to empathy.

On the 11th, the ENA channel 'Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo' (directed by Yoo In-sik, written by Moon Ji-won) released a behind-the-scenes cut of the actors who completed a warm and pleasant human court case.

Park Eun-bin, who lovingly portrayed the activity of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), a strange lawyer who broke prejudices, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Ha Yoon-kyung, Joo Jong-hyuk, and Joo Hyun-young, an absolute supporter, who took on the challenge of Woo Young-woo who took a step into a new world.

When you laugh happily, the audience's enthusiastic support is pouring in for the performance that leaves a sympathetic sympathy on the tip of your nose and a lingering aftertaste in your heart.

The audience reaction is truly explosive.

The ratings for the last 4 episodes soared to 5.7% in the metropolitan area and 6.4% per minute (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households), ranking first in the Wed-Thu dramas.

In particular, the audience rating of Target 2049 was 2.7%, showing off the dignity of ranking first in all channels.

The popularity ranking was also 'all-kill'.

According to Good Data Corporation (5th week of June), a TV topical analysis agency, 'Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo' took first place in the drama TV topic category, and Park Eun-bin took the first place in the drama TV topic topic category, realizing its popularity. K did it

At the heart of the syndrome-level craze, the actors' passionate performances and chemistry are at the heart of it.

In the behind-the-scenes photos of the filming set released on this day, you can get a glimpse of the 'healing' chemistry of Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Joo Hyun-young, Ha Yun-kyung, and Joo Jong-hyuk.

First, the behind-the-scenes look of Park Eun-bin's filming set, which captivated viewers in 'Young-woo's sickness', attracts attention.

The reality she has to face as a lawyer with her autism spectrum is still cold and heavy, but her way of breaking down her prejudices in her own way left a deep impression.

In particular, Woo Young-woo's performance in finding hidden issues that we were not aware of without being swept away by emotions or prejudices gave us cider.

Praise is pouring in for Park Eun-bin's passionate performance, who became Woo Young-woo and led viewers' sympathy.

What makes 'Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo' even more special is the people who add warmth to Woo Young-woo's world.

The mountains that Woo Young-woo must overcome become a pleasant challenge because of the people who support or motivate him.

This is also the reason why the synergy of the actors who completed the human court drama, in which small consideration, kindness, and a warm gaze that understands and respects differences are melted, is the reason why the favorable reviews are pouring in.

The fresh 'healing' chemistry that makes you smile just by looking at the behind-the-scenes photos adds to the warmth.

Kang Tae-oh stole the hearts of viewers by doubling the charm of 'Lee Jun-ho', the kind and warm person in the world.

While expectations are high for the change of Woo Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho, the 'whale couple', who are starting to find unfamiliar excitement, the friendly image behind the scenes heightens the excitement.

A lovely two-shot of Park Eun-bin and Kang Ki-young, who were loved by viewers for their special mentor-mentee chemistry, was also captured.

The two smiling at the camera are healing itself.

Kang Ki-young maximized the charm of 'Jeong Myeong-seok', a cool yet human character with her unique skillful acting.

The enthusiastic performance of Kang Ki-young, who made use of the true character of mentor Jeong Myeong-seok, who shows infinite trust in 'lawyer' Woo Young-woo, was praised and supported.

I am looking forward to his performance as a shield against discrimination towards Woo Young-woo and instilling a sense of camaraderie and responsibility as a 'team'.

Joo Hyun-young, who transformed into a 'circle' full of spirit, cannot be left out.

Joo Hyun-young's bright smile, who led the response by properly popping the potential in the last 4 episodes, catches the eye.

The warm atmosphere of Ha Yoon-kyung and Joo Jong-hyuk is also interesting.

New lawyer Woo Young-woo's life at the law firm is completed more colorfully through his rivals and colleagues, Choi Su-yeon and Kwon Min-woo.

Attention is focused on those who motivate each other and grow together.

The production team of 'Mysterious Lawyer Woo Young-woo' said, "The synergy of the actors, who added sympathy to their pleasant laughter, is the secret of the favorable reception. Also, please wait to see how strange lawyer Woo Young-woo will give us a refreshing twist.”