Female teacher revealed inappropriate relationship with male high school student with ovarian cyst rupture

2022-07-27 15:45:31

News of an inappropriate relationship with a male high school female teacher with an ovarian cyst rupture has been reported.

Her husband, who heard the name of the ovarian cyst rupture, a female disease, from a doctor suspected her wife's affair and reported it to the police, revealing an inappropriate relationship between her wife and a boy.

According to the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education and the police on the 26th, a 31-year-old fixed-term teacher who worked as a fixed-term teacher at a high school in Buk-gu, Daegu, is being investigated for having sex with a high school student several times at a motel (violation of the Child Welfare Act).

The teacher is also suspected of interfering in the sexual manipulation of a student with whom she has a relationship.

On the 20th of last month, Mr. A contacted her husband Mr. B, saying, "I was admitted to the emergency room of her hospital after an accident" past midnight.

B, who rushed to her hospital, heard that her wife had to come to her emergency room for bleeding from a 'ruptured ovarian cyst', and she suspected that she had sex with another man.

After that, Mr. B confirmed that Mr. A went to the motel with her male student student through the black box video of the car Mr. A was driving.

She is also said to have seen her entering the motel together on motel CC (closed circuit) TV and leaving the 119 car.

Also, it is said that the black box video at the time contained a request for a student to raise his/her performance evaluation score.

Husband B reported to the police on the 4th of having sex with a minor, and on the 5th, reported allegations of sexual manipulation to the National Sinmungo and the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education website.

Mr. A has been working at the school since March of this year, and after the incident became known, his contract was terminated and his resignation was processed.

An official from the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education said, "I became aware of the incident when I received notification of the start of the police investigation." "I am a fixed-term teacher at a private high school, not a regular public school teacher, and the contract has now been terminated, so I took protective measures to protect the victim. I'm watching," he said.

The education office concluded that Person A was not involved in sexual manipulation after conducting its own investigation, but the police believe that Mr.