Music Stage Performers Singers Lee Yong, Park Jae-ran, Jin Song-nam, Twin Girls, Jo Jo Jo, Song Dae-kwan, Joo Hyeon-mi, Jo Jung-min, Moon Hee-ok, Choi Byeong-seo, Yang Ha-young, Jeon Yu-jin, Myeong-seop, Seo Ji-o, etc. Moderators Kim Dong-gun Announcer

2022-08-01 12:45:02

The cast of 'Gayo Stage (Moderator Kim Dong-gun Announcer)', which was broadcast on KBS this afternoon on August 1, was revealed.

The 1st 1761th episode of 'Singing Seoul' is a music program for the elderly, middle-aged, who maintains the highest audience rating among domestic music programs, sings songs and trots, and reminisces on nostalgia and memories.

According to the cast revealed through the 'Gayo Stage' homepage, today's broadcast will introduce 'a total of 16 songs.

The performers and song titles are as follows:

01. Seoul (use) / use

02. Han Kang (Shim Yeon-ok) / Park Jae-ran

03. Deoksugung Doldam-gil (Jinsongnam) / Jinsongnam

04. Mapo end point (Sisters of Silver Bells) / Twin Girls

05. Misty Jangchungdan Park (Baeho) / Jo Jojo

06. Myeongdong Traveler (Songdaegwan) / Songdaegwan

07. That person in Sinsa-dong (Hyunmi Joo) / Hyunmi Joo

08. The Lady of Seoul (E-Sisters) / Jo Jung-min

09. Gangnam Fashionable (Moon Hee-ok) / Moon Hee-ok

10. Yeongdeungpo Night (Ogi-taek) / Hong Won-bin

11. A tour of Seoul (Hongsik Kang) / Byungseo Choi

12. The Road to Seoul (Yang Hee-eun) / Yang Ha-young

13. Let's Go to Seoul (Jan-di Geum) / Yu-jin Jeon

14. Seoul Yagok (Sage) / Jo Myeong-seop

15. Seoul Hymn (Patty Kim) / Seo Ji-O

16. Rainy Yeongdong Bridge (Hyeonmi Joo) / Hyeonmi Joo

On the other hand, attention is focused on announcer Kim Dong-gun, who is presenting with the cast of 'Gayo Stage' today.

Born in 1939 and 83 years old this year, announcer Kim Dong-gun moved to Dongyang Broadcasting Company in 1964 and worked as an announcer until the end of 1972.

Announcer Dong-gun Kim, the host, was in charge of popular and longevity programs that would leave a lasting impression on broadcasters, such as 'Ask a Thing', 'Ask Anything', and 'Miss Korea Contest', including 'Gayo Stage'. He is also called the 'national announcer'.