Voice actor Kim Ok-gyeong · Emperor Sung-ho's wife Park Cho-eun · Actor Sunwoo Eun-suk · Dr. Park Young-sil's husband Has a woman?

2020-03-14 12:45:13

Sokcho Show Show Dongchimi

In the 383 episodes of MBN's 'Empty Show Dongchimi' broadcast on the afternoon of the 14th, with the theme of 'A woman has a husband?'

Choi Kang-hyun and Yu In-kyung, former reporters, will appear.

The girls around my husband who care about 365 days, honey, how long do I have to live on my feet ?!

■ Woman who husband knows for a long time is dangerous VS Woman newly discovered by husband is more dangerous

Voice actor Kim Ok-gyeong, who had an affair and lost her words to her proud husband.

“Love is burning again with my ex-girlfriend I met 10 years ago.”

Actor Sun Woo Eun-suk and Lee Young-ha before marriage know all the women they met.

Sunwoo Eun-suk “After all, (Lee Young-ha) married with me, so I seemed to be the winner.”

Actor Lee Chang-hoon, past lover can't see dating a man.

“While I was a woman who passed by, it was my woman at one time.”

■ My husband is different, but the reason I turn my eyes is because of my wife.

It's her husband's fault that she has a woman.

Comedian Kim Hak-rae was caught by his wife, leaving evidence of another woman.

“Obviously, I left the highway pass receipt, but my wife was holding it.”

Singer Lee Moo-song, women who expressed their crush on me, disappeared from one day.

“Women who showed interest in me do n’t see on TV the next day.”

Emperor's wife, actor Park Cho-eun, is afraid that her husband will have an affair because of my bad looks after giving birth.

“Whenever my husband's topic went on a shoot, I was alert to female celebrities.”

■ Is your husband's woman in the family?

Dr. Youngsil Park, I have no choice but to be my fourth woman to my husband.

“My husband's mobile phone number 1 is my life-time mother-in-law.”

Reporter Yoo In-kyung, my husband is embarrassed to take my money and think about it.

“I bought a diamond necklace for my daughter, but I have nothing in my life.”

The 383 episodes of ‘Empty Show Dongchimi’ will air on Saturday, March 14 at 10:50 pm.