What is the breakthrough between the inter-Korean relations and the breakthrough in the '100 minute discussion'?

2020-06-25 13:45:05

& Member of the National Assembly, will this week?

Hanjeong Kim Kim Beomcheol Park Hong-geun Sung Il-jong Panel Appearance

June 25th '100 Minute Discussion' Episode 877

■ What is the heightened tension between inter-Korean relations, twisted Jungkook, and breakthroughs?

On the 4th of June, ahead of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, North Korea's first vice-president Kim Yeo-jung, North Korea's first vice president, issued a discourse criticizing the South Korean government, and the inter-Korean relations were put on hold.

Kim Yeo-jeong, the first vice-president, warned that'if you tolerate the disarmament of North Korean troops' disarmament, you can destroy the South-North Korean military agreement'.

He mentioned the closure of the joint contact office and the destruction of the inter-Korean military agreement.

Subsequently, North Korea sequentially blocked all communication channels between the two Koreas, including the Blue House Hotline, and detonated the North-South Joint Contact Office on the 16th.

The memoirs of former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton, published on the 23rd, have been controversial.

This is because more than 110 related contents of the Korean Peninsula have been mentioned in this memoir claiming the failure of the US government's internal and external policies.

The memoir received warnings from the White House that contained a number of difficult-to-understand facts, such as that the person who proposed the 2018 North Korea-US summit was not the Chairman of the State Council, Kim Jong-un, but the chief of the National Security Office of the Blue House, Chung-Yong Chung.

Even South Korean opposition parties are disagreeing over their memoirs.

The Democratic Party expressed its stance that “it is possible to know how much President Moon has tried through this memoir,” and the United Party urged the need for a national investigation, saying, “We must reveal the truth.”

In the midst of the crisis of inter-Korean relations, which was thought to be cruising, Kim Jong-un, who continued silence on the 24th, said what it means to dismantle the loudspeaker from South Korea and to hold on to the military action plan, whether recovery of inter-Korean relations is possible, and how long it will take North America to sit at the table again.

Representative Democrat and Bum-cheol Shin, director of the National Center for Strategy and Security, Unification Center appear and discuss in the '100 Minutes Discussion'.

■ Congressional membership, will this week?

On the 5th, which was the legal opening date of the 21st National Assembly, the opposition parties such as the Democratic Party and the first opposition party, the Future Unification Party, attended and started the first plenary session.In addition, the future unification protested that the Democratic Party held a plenary session without a consensus agreement.

After the remarks by the party chairman Joo-young Joo, the group was sent out.

The ruling party's leadership has continued to negotiate with the House many times before the opening of the National Assembly, but it broke down.

After three weeks, today (25th), Ho-Young Joo's resignation was re-appointed at the General Assembly in ten days.

The deputy chairman of the state stated that he would not sit at the negotiating table with the Democratic Party along with the entrance statement the day before, and predicted the promotion of the national investigation into Democratic Party member Yoon Mi-hyang and diplomatic relations with North Korea.

Finally, whether the 18th round of the 21st National Assembly's urgent task, including the Judge, and the 3rd supplementary budget (provisional), could be expedited, Democratic Party member Park Hong-geun and future UNDP member Sung Il-jong's '100-minute discussion'

'And discuss.

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