'Call Center of Love' Kim Ho-jung, Namhaeng Train, Yeongtak Chalang, Lim Young-woong, Azalea Flower, Kim Hee-jae and Yoo-Kim complete

2020-06-25 14:05:03

TOP7 of the “Call Center of Love” turned the stage up and down with a booming run with the “Sakol Sangsa Karaoke”.

TV CHOSUN, which will be broadcast at 10 o'clock on the night of the 25th (today), will call the application song-Call Center of Love (hereinafter referred to as'Call Center of Love').

'Heung's culmination' for the show.

TOP7 put down all of the “Blow the Stress” feature and enjoyed it properly.

In particular, a lot of heat from the applicants was released as songs were released to relieve various stresses.

From the'Southbound Train' of Kim Ho-joong to'Trang Chalang','RUN TO YOU', and'Hwanhee' of Yeongtak, there is an exciting'stress tapasong' that makes it impossible to sit still.

A cool cider selection chart has been completed, including the high-pitched song of the people, such as the'Million of Love' that pierces the ears,'Young Rhododendron' by Im Young-woong, and'Mud' by Kim Hee-jae.

Not only the applicants, but also the TOP7 who sang the song, “We had a karaoke party properly,” “It was cool inside,” and “It was burned in white at the previous level,” collapsed for a while, revealing their satisfaction.

Expectations for the release of the “national stress breakthrough” reinterpreted in the style of TOP7 are rising.

Moreover, the first caller of love appeared as a shaman, and it made the top7 as well as veteran MCs nervous.

A shaman applicant who said, “I had a good dream yesterday” said, “I knew the call was coming today.”

Among the top 7 applicants for shamans, the first place in Jaemulbok was selected as Chan-won Lee, Min-ho Jang, and Young-woong Lim, and Kim Ho-jung as a good member.

After revealing secret fortune-telling such as a member with a marriage luck, he was horrified to match the studio situation, which was hardly known by phone calls.

Accordingly, as the TOP7 pours out storm questions to hear even one more point, attention is focused on the content.

On the other hand, in the “100-point challenge” corner, a challenger who appealed to the oppressive appeared and attracted interest.

“Dr. Chin,” who has a national stress tapas song, said that as soon as they appeared, the TOP7 members were special, and after giving money to all of them, “Many people know my song as a song of Yeongtak.”

"I want to."

The main focus is on who is the true identity of Dr. Chin and who will be able to succeed in obtaining 100 points on the stage of Dr. Chin, who will be performing a Legend Legend with Young Tak.

"Call Center of Love" production staff said, "TOP7 radiated the peak of excitement more than ever, and the applicants as well as their stress were blown away."

He said.

Meanwhile, the 13th episode of TV CHOSUN'I'll Sing Your Application Song-Love's Call Center' will be aired at 10 PM on the 25th (today).