'Troublesome Son of the Rooftop Room' Lim Chang-jung's father's grievances

2020-10-13 19:05:03

In'Trouble Sons in the Rooftop Room', Lim Chang-jung is going to talk about the grievances of his five sons and father.

The KBS 2TV entertainment program'Trouble Sons of the Rooftop Room', which airs today (13th) Tuesday evening at 10:40, is a quiz program where Yongman Kim, Eunyi Song, Sook Kim, Hyungdon Jung, and Kyunghoon Min solve common sense problems.

) Will appear and reveal the story of a large family with five children.

In the'Trouble Son of the Rooftop Room' on this day, Lim Chang-jung brought out his laugh status as Dadung's father, causing curiosity.

He revealed that the first of the five sons was 14 years old and the youngest was 9 months old. He expressed his grievances and laughed with the words "I have been raising children for 14 years."

In addition, Lim Chang-jung revealed that when his sons gather, it is "not a hybrid group, but at the level of a boy group", and revealed that "two cars are required when moving," revealing the scale of the extraordinary large family.

In addition to this, when asked if there were any more children's plans, he said, "I finished the day before yesterday (?)" and expressed that he had no intention of a child anymore, making everyone laugh.

He is also proud of his pro-level golf skills, saying that his son, who is a second grader in middle school, is also preparing for a golf player for his second year.


The lively episode of Lim Chang-jung, the'son's rich man', unraveled with witty talk, will be released on KBS 2TV'Trouble Son of the Rooftop Room' at 10:40 on Tuesday evening on the 13th.

Lim Chang-jung gave birth to two sons after marrying (remarriing) his current wife (wife), who is under the age of 18 in 2017, and has three sons with his ex-wife who divorced.