Battle between confirmed people who became Corona 19 super spreaders due to lies in the PD notebook and local governments

2020-10-13 20:05:04

The PD Notebook episode 1261 broadcast is two copies of the Corona 19 special feature, and the subtitle is .

-From 100 billion won to 100 billion won!

Billions of indemnity bills flew to the super propaganda

-Seoul City, Sarangjeil Church and Jeon Kwang-hoon claim for damages of 4.62 billion won.

Kim Woo-young, Vice Mayor of Political Affairs

Corona 19 era.

An emergency light was turned on at the authorities as more and more confirmed people confused the quarantine with lies.

In order to prevent the spread of the infection, each local government not only threatened the society as a whole, but also brought out reimbursement claims cards to super-propaganda that caused enormous economic damage.

The PD Handbook directly covered the battle between the local government that should prevent the spread of Corona 19 and the confirmed people who became super-communicators through lies.

■ “Because the second and third damages such as intentional avoidance, hiding, and escape from quarantine were so enormous…

The city of Daegu requested 100 billion won in compensation from General Chairman Shincheonji and Lee Man-hee, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government requested 4.62 billion won in damages from Sarangjeil Church and Pastor Jeon Kwang-hoon.

SaRang First Church and Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon strongly opposed the reaction.

The 8·15 Gwanghwamun rally is not the source of the spread of Corona 19.

When comparing the average positive rate with the attendees of the 8·15 Gwanghwamun assembly, it presented evidence that ‘the positive rate of confirmed patients related to Gwanghwamun is lower.’

On the other hand, the Seoul Metropolitan Government refuted that'the average positive rate of the symptomatic patients and the positive rate due to the 8.15 assembly are incomparable numbers'.

What happened?

Conflicts between Seoul City and Sarangjeil Church and Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon are fighting over the verification of the causal relationship, which is an important issue in claiming the right to indemnity.

This was covered directly.

■ Review of complaints and claims for reimbursement of confirmed persons causing confusion between Changwon and Gyeongju quarantine

Changwon City requested 300 million won in compensation from the 51st confirmed person.

The 51st confirmed person, who attended the 8/15 Gwanghwamun rally, continued his daily life, violating an administrative order to undergo a corona19 test, and visited the academy on the day he was tested.

After the confirmation, he denied that he went to Gwanghwamun and caused confusion in the epidemiological investigation.

There were 7 confirmed cases in the area due to Changwon 51, and 2,040 people were tested for Corona 19.

On the other hand, the 51st confirmed patient in Changwon denies that he did not attend the Gwanghwamun assembly on August 15th.

Gwangju 284 confirmed person also hid the fact that he had been to Gwanghwamun.

He did not disclose that he went to church after attending the meeting.

Since then, 66 people have been confirmed for Corona 19 at the church where the confirmed person attended.

Confirmation of Gwangju No. 284, who was subject to review for claims for reimbursement.

He said in a phone call that he was also a victim.

What happened?

“Corona 19,” the first time the whole nation experiences.

Although the majority of the people agree to claim the right to indemnity, some concerns also exist.

There is no uniformity in the criteria for claiming reimbursement rights for each local government.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Justice said that there is a need to establish consistent standards and exercise them appropriately in claiming the right to indemnity, and formed a “council for exercising the right to indemnity”.

Confrontation between the super propaganda and the government.

In the post-corona era, what is the direction we should go forward?

It can be found at 10:40 pm on the 13th in the ‘PD Handbook’, ‘Part 2 of the Corona Special Issue, Super Radio and Reimbursement Bill.’