'Udasa 3'Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Sun-kyung warms heart with romantic event

2020-10-14 19:45:03

Kim Sun-kyung recalls her mother suffering from dementia, and reveals her heartbreaking filial piety.

In episode 5 of MBN'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' (hereinafter referred to as'Udasa 3'), broadcast at 11 pm on Wednesday, 14th, the second of'Sunji Couple', which started'One month old' in Hadong, Gyeongnam.

The day unfolds.

On this day, the two show a sweet appearance at a meeting with the local residents, while working with a sincere attitude enough to bring out a story about their mother with dementia and build a warm relationship with the Hadong residents.

Earlier, Lee Ji-hoon (42 years old, born in 1979), who brought his bones directly from Seoul for'Hadong One Month' with Kim Sun-kyung (age 53, born in 1968), barely sleeps on this day and makes breakfast for Kim Sun-kyung.

Making a cauldron fire, simmering the thick broth, adding rice cakes, dumplings, and eggs to create a hearty beef bone rice cake soup.

Kim Sun-kyung, who tasted Lee Ji-hoon-pyo's rice cake soup, sticks her tongue out with a deep and deep taste.

Accordingly, Lee Ji-hoon quietly informs him of the recipe (?) that he developed only for Kim Sun-kyung, who secretly struggles with his age difference.

Hearing this, Kim Sun-kyung smiles in a row with a smile of'Gwangdae Ascension', and Lee Ji-hoon makes a closing comment saying, "From today we are the same age.

It was to wash away all the stress of Kim Sun-kyung who was worried about the age difference.

After having a pleasant meal, the two greet the elderly in the neighborhood and hold a'go-in ceremony'.

Among them, Kim Sun-kyung cannot take her foot off after meeting with her grandmother in her 90s, who is suffering from dementia.

In a chat with the local residents, Kim Sun-kyung said, "My mother has been suffering from dementia for 8 years, and she can't recognize her youngest daughter with her eyes, and she recognizes her with her voice." "In the beginning, I cried a lot, but it is filial that I live cheerfully and happily.

It seems like it is," and it makes everyone's breasts eaten.

The production crew said, "Lee Ji-hoon, who rang Kim Sun-kyung from the first meeting with a serenade event, warmed Kim Sun-kyung's heart with a romantic event in Ha-dong."

Including, I ask you to listen to the deep stories of Kim Sun-kyung, who could not be heard anywhere."

In addition to the one-month-old Hadong of the'Sunji' couple, there are also a double camping date with Kim Yong-gun x Hwang Shin-hye couple and Tak Jae-hun x Oh Hyun-kyung couple, as well as the breathtaking first night of the couple Hyun-woo x Ji Joo-yeon who challenged the'natural person camping' in remote areas.

MBN'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' episode 5 will air at 11 pm on Wednesday, 14th.