Wed-Thursday Drama Dodosol Solarasol's character relationship, several episodes, filming location, etc.

2020-10-15 18:05:05

The Wednesday-Thursday drama “Dodosol Solarasol” has been aired on KBS2 since the 7th.

Accordingly, viewers who are new to this drama are showing interest in characters, character relationships, several episodes, and filming locations.

■ Character relations are also the main characters in the characters

Go Ara: As Gurara-A pianist who has a hard time, no, just a piano major.

Mansu's only daughter, Jae-wook Lee: Role of Woo-jun Seon-A full-fledged, mystery free spirit.

A warm aura.

Chic look.

A bluntness to keep distance from others.

A man who looks like a rough and lonely investigator. Kim Joo-heon: Cha Eun-seok-Orthopedic surgeon with Burnout Syndrome, a divorced man.

Once a piano talent.

(*Burnout Syndrome: A phenomenon in which a person who has been motivated by work complains of extreme physical and mental exhaustion and becomes lethargic).

A voice that gives you trust.

Straight appearance.

A man who gives people a sense of stability. Shin Eun-soo: Jin Ha-young role-Suk-kyung’s daughter Seo Lee-suk: Jo Yoon-sil role-He looks stubborn and read, tries to solve anything with a money bag... A person who has money ahead of his heart.

Still, only the heart for a precious son is no different from other parents.

It's just what prioritizes her attitude.

■ People around Kurara

Moon Hee-kyung: As Gong Mi-suk-Professor Moon Tae-yu: As Bang Jeong-nam-Lara's first husband (?), Eun-suk's junior in medical school.

Lara's college motives lacking something to say

■ People around Jin Ha-young

Ye Ji Won: Role of Jin Sook-gyeong-Ha Young's mother, Director of'Jin Hair' Lara Cosmetics Guide Award: Secretary of Moon-Mansu's heart, the rise and fall of Lara Cosmetics.

Where and how is Secretary Moon really doing?

■ Other people

Jeon Soo-kyung: Im Ja-kyung-The mother of Jeongnam, the woman who almost became Lara's mother-in-law.

She is a woman with a desire to upgrade her family's economy to the next level through the marriage of her doctor's son. Lee Seon-hee: Ye-seo as mother Choi Gwang-je: Choo Min-soo as Choo-A mysterious man chasing Jun, also known as Chief Chu.

Lee Seo-an: Oh Young-ju role-Eun-seok's ex-wife, rich daughter.

A woman who married Eun-suk Cha, a doctor, not Eun-suk Cha. Yoon Jong-bin: role of Seung-ki Lee Park Sung-yeon: role of Seung-gi mother Lee Soon-jae: Man-bok Kim, Hyeong-suk Kang: Jung-ho Ahn

Special appearance Um Hyo-seop: As Man-soo Koo-Lara's father, president of Lara Cosmetics, a small and medium-sized business, and Lara's wedding day, a man with a heart attack and death.

On the other hand, the number of episodes of'Dodosol Solarasol' is attracting attention, so it is a total of 16 episodes.

The filming location is Mokpo.

In particular, the drama was scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in late August as a sequel to the ‘Exhibition Chart’, but the broadcast was delayed as filming was stopped due to the actor's corona 19 infection.

'Dodosol Solarasol', which contains a sparkling romantic comedy between energetic pianist Gurara and best-practice Sun Woo-jun, starts at kbs2 every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30pm.