'Call Center of Love' Jo Kwan-woo-Lim Tae-kyung-Kim Tae-woo-Tei-Na Yoon-kwon-Shin Yong-jae confrontation with the greatest singers

2020-10-15 18:45:04

'Call Center of Love' TOP6 Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae Ga'Gat 6'Jo Kwan-woo (age 56, born in 1965)-Lim Tae-kyung (age 48, born in 1973)-Tae-woo Kim (born in 1981, age 40)

)-Tei (38 years old born in 1983)-Na Yoon-kwon (37 years old born in 1984)-Shin Yong-jae (32 years old born in 1989) will face a'first-out confrontation' that has never been in the world.

On TV CHOSUN's'I'm Singing Requested Songs' ('Love Call Center'), which will be aired on the 15th, TOP6 enthusiastically confessed to'Holy Deok Fan Heart' in response to the men who are called the Vocal God, God 6

Subsequently, it presents the noomsa-byeok Guiho River through a past-level confrontation.

TOP6 couldn't hide the excitement every time GOT6 members appeared one by one at the opening.

When they faced the idols who had dyed their school days with emotions in front of their noses, they fell into ecstasy saying, "I will listen to this song myself!"

Above all, TOP6 excited the scene by revealing his special ties with God6.

When one of the TOP6 members confessed to the story of their fan spirit through SNS direct messages, the other member confessed the hidden behind-the-scenes that recorded the guide to the song of the 6th member.

Moreover, another TOP6 member made a joke phone call to one GOT6 member before their debut and revealed an anecdote that confessed their fan spirit to go straight, proving the extraordinary relationship between the TOP6 GOT6 members.

Indeed, who has a special relationship with TOP6, who is the GOT6 member, is raising curiosity.

In particular, the attendance of vocalists that are difficult to see in entertainment programs such as Na Yoon-kwon and Shin Yong-jae attracted attention in the recording on this day.

As soon as there was an article stating that the two appeared in a blitz, it was caught in a hot topic.

Eventually, MC Kim Seong-ju proved the power of'God Entertainment' once again by expressing shock in his program, "I recruited Na Yoon-kwon several times but failed," and "I didn't know I would see it here."

In addition, Na Yoon-kwon and Shin Yong-jae showed the aspects of entertainment beginners by showing tension with a tight expression at first, and soon they enjoyed the confrontation comfortably as if they came to a real karaoke room, warming the stage with the form of adaptability.

On the other hand, the GOT6 members who received the ballad shook the studio with'Taste of Trot'.

Like the'god of vocals', the GOT6 members created the'NEW Trot' genre that did not exist in the world.

Shin Yong-jae introduced a'new concept high quality trot', a collaboration between R&B and Trot, and received praise from Kim Tae-woo for "Shin Yong-jae created a new genre."

We are looking forward to the Trotshin TOP6 and the rarely seen vocal scene, God6’s trot.

The production crew said, "Top 6 and ballad vocalist Gat 6, who have risen to the trend of Trot by leading the Trot revival in Korea, will achieve the best home concert with a record level stage."

Please, "he said.

'Love Call Center' will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 15th (Thursday).