Kim Han-kook has a nervous war with her daughter-in-law over how to raise granddaughter

2020-10-16 10:05:04

Comedian Kim Hankuk (born in 1961, age 60) has a nerve war with her daughter-in-law over how to raise her granddaughter.

Last weekend, MBN's'Dongchimi' revealed the appearance of the son-in-law couple who came to the home of comedian Kim Korea, who gained popularity in the past by appearing as a three-rang couple with Kim Mi-hwa in the past comedy program.

On this day, Kim Hankook was at home with his wife and dog, and was informed that his son's daughter-in-law's family was coming, and the son-in-law arrived with his grandchildren.

Following that, Kim Korea's grandson was behind the scenes and only a dog was hugging, and her daughter-in-law said, "It seems that my father hasn't been able to put our kids on my lap."

Then, while having a meal, Kim Korea looked unhappy about her daughter-in-law asking her granddaughter to watch the video on her cell phone.

Kim Korea asked, "Isn't it that kids these days shouldn't look at their cell phones?"

Kim Hankook said, "It is mother's education to not show this and let the kids come and go."

Also, when her granddaughter did not eat kimchi, she said, “I know because I raised your husband.

If you eat it, you will eat it all.”

However, her daughter-in-law hurriedly and said, "Did you not participate in parenting?"

In this regard, Korean son Kim said in an interview with the production crew, “There are times when a wife and a father reach their limits.

Then I start to notice in the meantime.”