Live Broadcast Late Night Discussion Lime⦁Optimus Case Financial fraud or power-type corruption?

2020-10-17 16:05:03

Starring Cho Sang-ho, Jeon Jae-soo, Seong Il-jong, and Jang Jin-young

KBS'Late Night Debate on Live Broadcast' deals with the recent politics of Lime⦁Optimus.

As the so-called “Lime ⦁ Optimus Incident” has emerged as the biggest issue of this national sentiment, the opposition parties are fighting fiercely.

In this incident, two asset managers Lime and Optimus recruited investors as a bait for guaranteeing high returns, and announced the suspension of redemption, resulting in damage to investors worth KRW 1.6 trillion and KRW 500 billion, respectively.

Thus, the prosecution is setting up a dedicated mammoth-level investigation team to investigate the truth.

The power of the people has defined the case as a power-type gate along with the rumors of passport personnel, and is reinforcing the daily rental offensive such as the introduction of a special prosecution, but the Democratic Party rebelled against the fact that the opposition party is driving the financial fraud case to a power-type gate without a clear basis

Are doing.

In addition, it is confronting that it is enough to reveal the substance of the prosecution investigation without sanctuary.

Is Lime⦁Optimus a financial fraud?

Or is it power-type corruption?

And how should we look at the controversy surrounding the introduction of special prosecutors?

Today on the 17th, aims to address the issue of Lime⦁Optimus, the biggest issue under the national supervision, and discuss ways to identify the substance such as the prosecution investigation and the introduction of a special prosecution.

In Iran's “Late Night Debate,” attorney Cho Sang-ho, Jeon Jae-soo, a Democratic Party member, Seong Il-jong, a member of the National Power of the National Assembly, and Jang Jin-young appear as a panel.

Broadcast at 10:39 pm today.