Exclamation and laughter What are you playing? On the scene of the Refund Expedition and Shinbak Planning's Costume Debate

2020-10-17 16:45:04

MBC'What do you do when you play?'

Cheonok (Lee Hyo-ri), the leader of the project group's refund expedition, selected clothes that were perfect for each member, completing a perfect visual that does not require styling.

The members will change their outfits and show off a different'DON'T TOUCH ME' stage by digesting the girl group custom outfits that'Jimmy Yu' borrowed from the actual girl group.

MBC's'What do you do when you play?' (director Kim Tae-ho, Kim Yoon-jip, Jang Woo-sung, Wang Jong-seok and Choi Hye-jeong), broadcast today (17th), will reveal the appearance of the new plans with the members of the Refund Expedition, who organized a stage costume debate ahead of their debut.

The members of the New Park Planning Group and the members of the Refund Expedition gathered at'Heoshimtang' to talk about their feelings ahead of their debut stage.

In particular, there was a discussion on stage costumes, and ‘Jimmy Yoo’ (Yoo Jae-seok), who did not disappoint the members so far, specifically invited a stylist from studying abroad to the scene.

He appeared in front of the members confidently, preparing handmade PT materials that were cut and pasted for styling advice of the Refund Expedition.

The members of the Refund Expedition, who saw his reality, said they were shocked and attracted attention to who he was.

After seeing his PT, “Jimmy Yoo” (Yoo Jae-seok) recalled the words of the representative of the agency with whom he was close, and suggested how to change the costumes of each member.

In particular, leader Cheonok (Lee Hyo-ri, 42 years old, born in 1979), a style icon of all ages, chose a costume that would suit each member with a hawk's eye.

In the published photos, the members who perfectly digested the costumes as if they were wearing their own costumes catch the attention.

In addition, the members are planning to show off the cute and lively'DON'T TOUCH ME' stage by digesting the costumes of the actual girl group prepared by'Jimmy Yu' (Yoo Jae-seok).

Earlier, “Jimmy Yoo” (Yoo Jae-seok) destroyed the scene by showing an example of forcibly wearing the “Nunnunanna” stage costume of Eunbi (presented in 1988, age 33, nationality US).

“Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae-seok, 49 years old born in 1972), who seems to be embarrassed and will become rich in money, shouts “It’s like a money bug!”, and Man-ok (Um Jeong-hwa, 52 years old born in 1969) said, “I wear anything.

"I'll do it" and read him thoroughly.

The fact that there was another member who instilled confidence in “Jimmy Yoo” (Yoo Jae-seok) raises the curiosity about who that member will be.

'DON'T TOUCH ME' debut stage costume of the actual Refund Expedition is broadcasted at 3:40 pm on the 17th,'Show!

It will be revealed for the first time through'Music Center', followed by the refund expedition with exclamation and laughter, and the scene of the costume debate of Shinbak Planning, which will be broadcasted at 6:30 pm through'What do you do when you play?'.

In'What Do You Do When You Play?', the fixed caster Yoo Jae-seok built a'YOO Niverse' through various projects based on relays and expansion, and this year caused the'Bukkae' syndrome.

Recently, “Jimmy Yoo,” the CEO of Shin-Bak Communications, who gained free will in “YOO Nivers,” is writing a novel story as a producer and organizer of the “Refund Expedition”.