'Salimnam 2'Kim Il-woo, detailing hand washing know-how manager at the car wash

2020-10-17 18:45:04

What is the secret weapon disclosed by car wash expert Kim Il-woo?

In KBS2's'Salim Man Season 2'(hereinafter'Salim Nam 2'), broadcast on the 17th, the story of Kim Il-woo (58 years old born in 1963), who took a one-on-one hand washing tutoring to the manager, is drawn.

On this day, Kim Il-woo visited his regular car wash with the manager who said it was the first time to try hand washing.

Kim Il-woo, who looked at the manager's vehicle with a hawk's eye, was frightened by the condition of the vehicle, and began to hand-introduce everything from basic car wash items to detailed hand washing methods.

In particular, Kim Il-woo showed off his hand-washing skills that he did not miss to the inside of the ventilator wheel in the car, and he released the exclusive know-how of his famous and self-proclaimed neat man.

On the other hand, after washing the car, Il-woo Kim went on a healing trip of his own because he was regretful of entering the house.

Kim Il-woo, who arrived at his own sunset restaurant spot, said that he was enjoying the scenery for a while, saying, "Why are you doing this to me!"

It is a situation in which people's attention is focused on what happened to Kim Il-woo, who is usually gentle.

The scene of the special tutoring for Kim Il-woo, the king of clean hands, can be found on KBS2'Salimnam 2'at 9:15 pm on Saturday, 17th.