My brother, Black Pink, danced in front of Will Smith as a trainee

2020-10-17 19:45:05

Black Pink revealed a special relationship with Will Smith in'Knowing Brother'.

Black Pink, who returned to his brother's school after three years with the new song'Lovesick Girls' on JTBC's'Knowing Brother', aired on the 17th, is coming as a transfer student.

In the recent recording of'Knowing Brother', Black Pink showed off a big smile while showing off an upgraded sense of entertainment.

In particular, Lisa showed more intense'Thai Insa Dance' and made the atmosphere on the scene hot.

In addition, Black Pink attracted attention by revealing her relationship with the world-class star Will Smith, whom she met as a trainee.

It is that Will Smith and his son came to Black Pink's company.

Black Pink recalled, "I showed them dancing in front of them at the time of the trainees."

He was surprised by saying, "Will Smith, who met again abroad a few years later, remembered us."

The older brothers who heard the story pointed to Seo Jang-hoon, saying, "We also have'Genie'."

In addition, he encouraged him to "tell Seo Jang-hoon your wishes," which made him laugh.

As a result, the members of Black Pink delivered a unique wish to'Seo Jinni' in their own style.

It is said that Seo Jang-hoon almost shed tears of emotion at the wish of an extraordinary Black Pink.

Black Pink's original wishes to Jang-Hoon Seo will be revealed in this broadcast.