"Dogs are great" Do-yeon Jang Takes two French bulldogs for a walk outdoors... What is the result of Ryu Geun-ji Maltese's dog helper dog input?

2020-10-19 18:45:03

Do-yeon Jang (36 years old, born in 1985), a sprout disciple of “Dogs is great,” takes a secret and bold (?) challenge.

In KBS2's “Dogs are great” (hereinafter “dogs are great”), which will be aired on the 19th, Jang Do-yeon will go out to help acquaintances who have problems with dogs with the lessons learned from practical learning.

It is noteworthy whether the courageous challenge of the sprout student can be successfully completed.

Jang Do-yeon, who first appeared as a NEW disciple last week, took a ‘Mock Test for Dogs’ with the best student Lee Gyeong-gyu, and became the official disciple of the opening president Hyeong-wook Kang.

Despite Lee Gyeong-gyu's all sorts of checks and condemnation (?), he responded coolly, but since he is still a sprout disciple, Jang Do-yeon has a special effort to fill his skills.

On the day of recording, Do-yeon Jang, who tried kennel training with an acquaintance's French bulldog, remembers what he saw and learned in the actual training, and puts it into practice, but is embarrassed by the reaction of the dogs who do not move as intended.

Looking at other dogs, Jang Do-yeon, who took two sensitive French bulldogs for a walk outdoors, puts comedian Ryu Geun-ji (37 years old, born in 1984)'s Maltese dog as a helper dog.

Indeed, between the helper dog and the two troubled dogs, the sprout disciple Jang Do-yeon arouses curiosity about how to behave.

After watching Jang Do-yeon's clumsy training practice, the protégé Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “The idea that the Maltese was brought as a helper dog is wrong,” but the opening president Hyung-wook Kang praised her extraordinary efforts and showed a happy response.

The ambitious challenge of a sprout disciple Jang Do-yeon, who gave courage for acquaintances, can be found in'Dogs are great', which will be broadcast at 10:40 pm on the 19th.