'Call Center of Love' Jo Kwan-woo-Lim Tae-kyung-Kim Tae-woo-Tei-Na Yoon-kwon-Shin Yong-jae, Master King of the End of Gwiho River

2020-10-20 10:05:03

“Call Center of Love” TOP 6 Lim Young-woong-Young Tak-Lee Chan-won-Jeong Dong-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae and Gat 6 Jo Kwan-woo-Lim Tae-kyung-Kim Tae-woo-Tei-Na Yoon-kwon-Shin Yong-jae presented the “End Plate King of the Gwiho River”.

In the 28th episode of TV CHOSUN's “I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love” (“Call Center of Love”) broadcasted on the 15th on the 15th, TOP6 and GOT6 unfolded a ‘Emotional Trot War’ in which various cheats were launched, and the heart rate rose sharply.

TOP6 poured out a lot of admiration every time GOT6 members, the vocal god who completed the emotions in school days, appeared.

As if answering this, Kim Tae-woo (age 40, born in 1981) was thrilled with the “Rain of Love,” while Tae-kyung Lim (age 48, born in 1973) was thrilled with a drama-like stage.

In addition, the voice of the heavens Cho Kwan-woo (born in 1965, age 56), Na Yoon-kwon, rarely seen in entertainment, Na Yoon-kwon (born in 1984, age 37), Yong-jae Shin (born in 1989, age 32), ballad prince Tei (1983)

Year birth, age 38), sang hit songs and completed a luxury concert with just the opening.

From the first match, Youngtak and Shin Yongjae appeared, and the call center was excited.

The two gave up Adlib for victory and chose Chitki, the anchorman, while Young Tak received 89 points for ``the man in Shinsa-dong,'' and Shin Yong-jae received 100 points for ``Destiny,'' and predicted an unpredictable confrontation.


In the second round, Jeong Dong-won and Tei, who are in charge of the headquarters of each team, faced each other, and they selected ‘Road Around,’ and ‘Ok Gyeong-i,’ respectively, with 91 points and 89 points, returning the game to the original point.

The third confrontation was Kim Hee-jae and Na Yoon-kwon.

Na Yoon-kwon pulled out an authentic ballad cheatkey with “Again to You” and received 100 points, and Kim Hee-jae was hit with a ‘real cool man’, a trot full of excitement, but with 95 points, he had a disappointing result.

In the fourth round, there was a'im match' between Lim Young-woong and Lim Tae-kyung.

Lim Young-woong, who was determined to "I will do my best to win this game," scored 98 points by showing a different level of ‘Emotion Trot’ by throwing a half-key in the middle of the song with ‘The Days’.

However, Lim Tae-gyeong, who said that there was no defeat in the song confrontation, gave Gat 6 a third victory by scoring 100 points with his uncompromising singing ability, turning the stage from the first verse with ‘Young Young.’

Then, for the first time in the history of a “call center of love,” a “unit battle” was held, which added excitement to the game.

The introduction of an unpredictable match point in which the units formed by each team play a confrontation, and the winning team draws a “lucky box” that contains an additional win and one win or deduction.

TOP6 Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho, and Kim Hee-jae seemed to have won the victory with 99 points for "If You Want", but Gat6 Kim Tae-woo-Tei-Shin Yong-jae scored 100 points for "unconditionally" and chose the "Lucky Box".

However, while picking 1 win and deduction points, TOP6 and GOT6 each ran to a 1v2 match.

In the next match, each team's eldest brother Jang Min-ho and Jo Kwan-woo went on to receive the support of the youngest.

Cho Kwan-woo, who selected'The Solitude of a Tea House', which includes various singing skills, correctly showed what the trot was and received 92 points, and Jang Min-ho boasted of a tickling heartbeat with'Blues of Tears', but unfortunately, 1 point difference 91

Got a point.

Lastly, Lee Chan-won scored 96 points for “I hate you,” and Kim Tae-woo, who left the comment “I can't beat those who enjoy”, scored 100 points with “Mushiro”, and won a perfect victory like Gods of Gat6's vocals.

On the other hand, on this day, Lim Young-woong and Lim Tae-kyung formed the “Im Family Duet,” giving a stage of emotion as if swallowing autumn as a “forgotten season”.

In addition, Young Tak, Jeong Dong-won, and Kim Tae-woo united as a group and sang ‘To Mother’ to convey emotion and warmth to the home theater.

Meanwhile, the “Love Call Center” airs every Thursday at 10 pm.