PD Handbook Former Yongin Mayor Chung Chan-min, etc. Various suspicions and truths surrounding Yongin City

2020-10-20 12:05:03

The subtitle of the 1262th MBC PD Notebook, which airs on the afternoon of the 20th, is "Secret Deal of the Development Heaven."

In August, as the Public Officials Ethics Committee disclosed the assets of the 21st lawmakers, various conflicts of interest arose.

Following Rep. Park Deok-heum, who had a controversy over the ownership of four apartments in the public officials' property disclosure in March, the voice of criticism over the controversy over the controversy over the controversy over the controversy over the controversy over the donation of expedient law by Rep. Kim Hong-geol grew.

On the other hand, there were so-called “homeless” lawmakers who had no home.

One of them was Rep. Yongin Gap and Jung Chanmin.

As the former mayor of Yongin, he is known as the only mayor of Yongin that has not been tried and is so-called'zero defect'.

By the way, an unexpected tip came to the PD notebook.

The informant said that he knew the secret of the land owned by the family of Congressman Chan-min Jung...


Even the eldest daughter in her twenties who purchased land with a market price of over 1 billion won for 600 million won, and the development project surrounding the land of Congressman Chung?

What the hell happened to Congressman Chung's land?

■ Splendid “Development Heaven” Yongin City and Secret Transactions

Last year, the Board of Audit and Inspection demanded disciplinary action against three public officials related to urban planning in Yongin City Hall.

They said that they provided special benefits such as “unfairly raising the floor area ratio” to Company A, a construction company of a parent apartment in Yongin.

As a result, the number of 355 households in the apartment increased, and the auditor announced that Company A made a profit of about 104.3 billion won…


In particular, a public official who received hundreds of millions of won in bribes from Company A was handed over to trial on charges of bribery under the aggravated punishment law for certain crimes.

By the way, an informant appeared, claiming that the former mayor Chung Chan-min was also related to the case.

The reporter said that Jung Chan-min was the closest close friend of the former mayor.

He even says, "Mayor Jung also received money and goods of about hundreds of millions of won from Company A." Is that true?

The PD Notebook focuses on the suspicious transactions of the former Yongin market and construction companies.

Yongin City, which has the second highest population growth rate in the country as of 2019.

Along with rapid growth, the problem of difficult development also arose.

Many residents I met at the PD Notebook said that during the former Yongin Mayor's tenure, there was a particularly difficult problem of development.

“It's too dangerous.

The whole mountain was blown away.” “There is a cliff behind the house, and (when it rains) the loess is washed down into the house…


The residents were threatened with safety due to the revised ordinances of the former mayor Chung Chan-min, including the relaxation of the slope standards.

The dangerous development of Yongin City, maybe it was foreseen?

Of the seven former mayors of Yongin, four were tried for construction corruption.

Yongin City's constantly pouring development corruption, who is the development they pursue?

Various suspicions and truthful battles surrounding the former mayor of Yongin and Yongin can be found at 10:40 pm on the 20th in the MBC PD Handbook “Suspicious Transactions in Development Heaven”.