History Journal Since that Day 7.4 The story behind the birth of a joint statement between the two Koreas

2020-10-20 19:05:04

The subtitle of the 284th episode of KBS'History Journal That Day' aired on the afternoon of the 20th is'Meet Kim Il-sung, after Park Jeong-hee's secret affair.'

■ After 27 years of division, the two Koreas speak one voice!

Press conference held at the Central Intelligence Agency on July 4, 1972.

On the spot, Central Intelligence Manager Hu-Rak delivered surprising news.

“In fact, I went to Pyongyang last May under the direction of President Park Chung-hee.”

At the same time, the same statement was being released in North Korea.

After 27 years of division, the South and the North agreed on the three principles of unification: independence, peace, and great national unity!

It was announced jointly!

The secret story behind the birth of the South-North joint statement, such as the envoy between the two Koreas, Park Jeong-hee and Kim Il-sung, the two leaders of the North and the South, is introduced in .

■ Unlucky Silmido Troops, Rapidly Changing World Situation On August 23, 1971, a breaking news was delivered that an armed Gongbi took a civilian bus and headed for Seoul, causing citizens to panic.


They were not armed officials, but Silmido troops!

The Silmido unit organized in response to the North Korean special forces.


Operation orders have not been issued for three years.

It was because the relationship between the two Koreas changed 180 degrees.

Detent, a global reconciliation mood that began with Ping-Pong diplomacy in the early 1970s!

Amid the rapid changes in the world situation, a new task of “inter-Korean dialogue” was given on the Korean Peninsula.

In , we confirm the strategies of South and North Korea's breathless response amid the rapidly changing world situation.

■ Park Jung-hee's secret secret Hu-rak, go to Pyongyang!

The South and the North are in secret contact.

After May 1972, Rak secretly leaves for Pyongyang.

“If things go wrong, I will decide myself!”

Since then, he prepared a capsule of cyanide in case of emergency.

In Pyongyang, in the middle of the night, a North Korean official took over, and we look at the tense story of Hu-Rak, who went to Pyongyang as a courier by President Park Jeong-hee.

■7·4 South-North Joint Statement, Dreaming of Unification on the Korean Peninsula.

After the July 4 joint statement on the principle of peaceful unification between the two Koreas was announced, a major change will come on the Korean Peninsula.

The name “North Korean” has been changed to “North Korea,” and a direct telephone line is established between Seoul and Pyongyang.

When it seemed that unification would come soon!

However, was the attitude of the leadership of the North and South Korea different from that of the people?

What was the inside of the North and South leaders?

A historic event in which the South and the North began to talk about 27 years after the division.