'100-Minute Discussion' Lime·Optimus Incident, Yun Geon-young, Hwang Bo Seung-hee & Kim Woong, Sohn Seok-hee, and media reports Jung Cheol-woon and Son Soo-ho appeared

2020-10-20 19:45:04

The subtitle of MBC's '100-Minute Debate (host Joon-hee Jeong, Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University's College of Media and Information)' broadcasted on the afternoon of the 20th is'What is the direction of the rhyme and Optimus incident?

Kim Bong-hyun, former Chairman of Star Mobility, is a key figure in the Lime crisis.

His incarceration is shaking Jungkook.

In connection with the Lyme crisis, Kim Bong-hyun revealed that he had lobbied the incumbent prosecutors and opposition politicians.

The Ministry of Justice, which went through self-inspection immediately, pointed out the prosecution's lack of investigation, and the prosecution strongly refuted it, saying that it was "slandering."

Yesterday (19th), the Ministry of Justice exercised the authority to command the investigation of the Lyme incident, and the conflict ended, but the confrontation between the opposition parties is becoming more intense.

On the same day, the opposition parties argued against each other by raising suspicions of "investigation of partiality" in the national government.

The ruling party pressured the opposition party to launch an air defense agency by discussing the disclosure of Kim Bong-hyun in prison, and the opposition party raised the suspicion of an insolvency investigation of the Optimus incident and strengthened the introduction of a special prosecution.

In the midst of fierce opposition between the ruling and opposition parties, in MBC's <100-Minute Debate> broadcast today (20th), Democratic Party Rep. Yun Gun-young and People's Power Hwang Bo Seung-hee appear to discuss the Lime-Optimus situation.

■ How did the media report on the ‘Son Seok-hee attempted attack?’

In January of last year, the controversy began when a freelance reporter Kim Woong claimed that he was assaulted by JTBC CEO Son Seok-hee.

During the car accident in Gwacheon in 2017, unconfirmed media reports on numerous suspicions such as Sohn's hastily run away, he took a drinking test, and had a passenger.

Yesterday (19th), reporter Kim Woong was sentenced to six months in prison as the first trial in an appeals court.

The judge stated the reason for the sentence, saying, "The defendant (Kim Woong) seems not interested in the so-called fact check, and while recognizing the false possibility of rumors, he took advantage of the situation that it could hurt the victim."

Would the press, which used to act as a speaker, be free from this ruling?

In MBC's <100-Minute Discussion-News Epidemiology Investigation>, we trace the path of the false news of the "Son Seok-hee blackout attempt".

Media Today, reporter Jung Chul-woon and lawyer Sohn Su-ho appear.

Broadcast at 11:35 pm on the 20th.