Lee Gyeong-ae visits Park Won-sook's house again after two years... Hye-eun falls in love with Taijiquan,'Let's live with Park Won-sook'

2020-10-21 19:05:04

KBS2'Let's Live Together with Park Won-sook', broadcast on the afternoon of the 21st, is a life in which middle-aged women live together and talk about the reality and retirement worries faced by middle-aged generations, sharing each other's wounds and worries together.

It is a program that shows the value of

■ All-round comedian Lee Kyung-ae!

What special menu surprised your sisters?

In this week's broadcast, Lee Kyung-ae (57 years old, born in 1964), who visited Namhae again after two years, will be revealed.

When she appeared in Season 1, she brought a tool box, as well as from handling a brush cutter to sawing a tree, showing her a'professional worker'.

During this visit, too, he brought his luggage to the point where he was short of both hands and showed a look like'Kyung-ae Lee'.

Afterwards, Lee Kyung-ae went directly to the kitchen without having to sit down, taking out specially prepared ingredients and preparing a meal for her sisters.

At this time, the older sisters couldn't hide their surprise by confessing, "It's the first time I've eaten this way since morning" in the'big big' menu like Lee Kyung-ae.

What would be a different menu?

■ 67-year-old Hye-eun reveals her new dream "I want to learn Taijiquan"

Hye-eun (age 67, born in 1954), who quietly followed the opinions of the sisters so far, led the older sisters by proposing what she wanted to do for the first time.

Hye-eun surprised her sisters with comments such as "I want to fly" and "I want to enter the water".

This time, he suggested learning together, saying, "I want to learn Taijiquan."

Hye-eun's will, which she hadn't seen in usual, led her sisters to Jinju with 53 years of experience in Taijiquan.

The sisters were taijiquan they hadn't even thought of, but they showed that they fell into taijiquan by the teaching of the master.

They even showed off their taijiquan skills and showed a burning desire to compete.

What about the sisters' taijiquan skills?

■ Hye-eun, tears in a place of memories 61 years ago, why?

Subsequently, Hye-eun said, "There is one more place to go for me," and led the sisters to Chokseokru, Jinjuseong Fortress, a place of memories in the photo 61 years ago.

It is none other than his father that Hye-eun wants to reminisce.

Hye-eun's father, who was a performance planner, was with Hye-eun every time he went around the country.

When he came to Jinju, one of the places he traveled to at the time, Hye-eun recalled his memories.

Hye-eun and her sisters visited Chokseokru again after 60 years.

Hye-eun, who took a picture as it was in that place in the photo, recalled her memories with her father, saying, "A lot of places have changed, but only that place has not."

Then, she showed tears at longing for her deceased father.

'Let's Live Together with Park Won-sook', which contains the images of the sisters who started to build memories with the nice guest Lee Kyung-ae, will be broadcast on KBS2 at 10:40 pm on Wednesday, October 21.