'Udasa 3'Jo Ji-yeon and Hyun-woo and Joo Ji-yeon show tears after a sensitive conversation and cannot control their emotions

2020-10-21 19:45:04

'Udasa 3'The scene of the'Truth in the Car' scene filled with tension between Hyunwoo and Ji Jooyeon of the couple was captured.

Hyun-woo (age 36, born in 1985) and Ji-yeon Ji-yeon (38-year-old born in 1983) broadcast MBN'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' (hereinafter'Udasa 3'), broadcast at 11 pm on the 21st.

In Episode 6, we have a deep conversation by revealing our sincerity towards each other.

Hyunwoo goes to the practice site of the theater group'Gwanak Theater of the Seoul National University' theater alumni association, where Ji Ji Yeon is a member, and greets Lee Soon-jae,'Grand Senior'.

Furthermore, they actively support the couple who stood on the stage while watching the work.

In the car returning after the play is over, Joo Ji-yeon asks Hyun-woo if the love scene in the work is uncomfortable.

Accordingly, Hyunwoo ponders for a moment with the words, "Can I talk as'Chin'?"

After hesitating for a while, Hyun-woo said, "What are we doing. Are we just working?" and "When I broadcast, I think'Is this real?' and I get a strange feeling."

"Let's talk for a moment," the two people pulled over to each other in earnest.

Hyunwoo, who admitted that "I was'overimmersed' while watching the play," confesses, "I'm too confused these days, but I have a lot of uneasy feelings."

Accordingly, Joo Ji-yeon also reveals'two-sided confusion', saying, "At first, it was a'virtual couple', so I thought I would do it like a drama, but it wasn't as easy as it was said and my original appearance came out."

After a sensitive conversation, Joo Ji-yeon shows tears and cannot control her emotions.

Although they started meeting as a virtual couple, interest is gathered at the end of the conversation filled with anti-war between the two who received permission from Dae-senior Lee Soon-jae to date following the ‘Moon Gyeon-rye.’

In the 6th episode of'Udasa 3', in addition to the late-night date of the'Space Couple', a camping car date of Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye, who challenged to change clothes with each other, and the'Otak Tour' inviting actors Hyung-jun Lim and Gyu-ho Lee to resume business.

'Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-kyung's back story related to'SNS Meaningful Text' unfolds interestingly.

Broadcast at 11 pm on the 21st.