'U Quiz on the Block' introduces Park Seung-hee, a bag that lives a new life different from the previous one, Kang Young-kwon electric bus from GAL PD, and Dr. Kim Young-sam from comedian, etc.

2020-10-21 20:45:04

On tvN's entertainment show, “You Quiz on the Block,” we share life stories with them who have a variety of careers beyond imagination.

In episode 77 of “You Quiz on the Block,” aired on the 21st, a special feature of “Unique Resume” will be unfolded.

Beginning with the Olympic gold medalist, the bag designer, who became the CEO of the electric bus company in the PD of the exploration program, the terrestrial public service comedian, the dentist, and the police with a rich career, dreamed of after 28 years of study.

He, a lawyer who has achieved a slate, appears as a Youquiser.

Together with Jae-seok Yoo and Se-ho Jo, they will share their careers and experiences and the wisdom of life they have gained from them.

First of all, former short track & speed skating national team leader Seung-hee Park (born in 1992, age 29) finds'You Quiz'.

Park Seung-hee, the first athlete to compete in speed skating after winning all short track events, is currently on a new path as a bag designer.

Seung-hee Park tells the story of the second act of his life, saying, "My original dream was a designer," who chose a bag designer unlike the usual job he had after his retirement.

In addition, she shares the life game she selected as a gold medalist, the excitement when the first order was placed, and the story of a partnership with the former national team member Park Seung-ju.

There is also a talk with Kang Young-kwon, who was a former PD of an exploration report program and is now the CEO of an electric bus company.

Planning and directing the exploration report program'I want to know', he recorded 43.8% of the highest viewership rating at the time, and he, who is called a living legend of the broadcasting station, honestly reveals the story behind which he entered the challenge with a great record behind.

In addition, it is expected that the process of investing more than 100 billion won in business into an electric bus company will be vividly disclosed, which will be a surprise.

Kim Young-sam, who is also the chief physician of Jo Se-ho, is from a terrestrial public comedian and is playing an active part as'Jae-seok Yoo of the dentistry', the funniest among dentists.

She tells her baby's dental treatment process, which has continued since Season 1 of'You Quiz', and induces laughter.

After graduating from dental college, the reason why he challenged comedians and the circumstances of quitting comedians during the second job was pleasantly resolved, and he made the scene laugh.

Song Ji-heon, who is called'the king of the end of his career', is prepared for a time to dig into his career one by one.

From an art student to a banker, a flight attendant, a lawyer, and then a policeman, he confesses the reasons he quit each job and why he found a new job.

It is said that Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho repeatedly immersed themselves in their exciting story, saying, "It doesn't make sense."

In the future, new interests that have arisen to gain expertise in investigations as a police officer are also announced, raising questions.

Jin-sung Kwon, who became a lawyer after 28 years of studying for exams, attracts attention with a challenging spirit that has walked a path silently.

At the same time, he was responsible for the livelihood of the family, and at the same time, he captured the attention of the big self and the baby with the bleak story of fulfilling his dream.

He said, “The opposition to success is not failure, but abandonment.” He is expected to deliver the full story he has experienced in a not short time of 28 years and even convey the joys and sorrows.

PD Kim Min-seok, who was in charge of directing, said, “In the 77th special feature broadcast today, we are going on a people trip to meet them living a new life that is different from the previous one, so it can be called'the second life'.

The story of their lives that never stops for the success of the challenge will leave a deep lingering with joy.”

“U Quiz on the Block” airs every Wednesday at 8:40 pm.