“TV is loaded with love” Chi-seung Yang, two feet froze, and my sister came to the cheek

2020-10-21 21:05:04

Star trainer Chi-seung Yang's sad past is revealed.

KBS 2TV broadcast on the 21st, “TV Carries Love,” shows a journey of childhood memories of director Yang Chi-seung (47 years old, born in 1974), a client leaving with MCs Kim Won-hee and Hyun Joo-yeop.

Yang Chi-seung, who visited an old-fashioned house with a similar structure to the house he lived in as a child, remembers old memories with a bitter expression unlike Kim Won-hee, who is happy to say, "It seems to be the same."

As a child, Chi-seung Yang was unable to invite friends because of her mother who was busy working with her father who neglected the house, so she couldn't even invite her friends and confessed her stories of crying alone on the tap, and things she couldn't do with her parents even on special days like entrance and graduation ceremonies

It was a pity around me.

In particular, she said that her mother, who had to live a difficult life because of her father, who was known as a ‘good person’ outside, was not reconciled, saying that she had taken care of herself from a young age.

In the midst of this, Yang Chi-seung's mother, who appeared in surprise, broke the hearts of MCs by vividly recalling the shocking incident that the young Yang Chi-seung's feet froze over 40 years ago, and her sister was struck cheek by the homeowner.

The shock of that time forced her to buy a house, and after that she had to work 24 hours a day from morning to 2 am to pay off the debt.

The curiosity is amplifying what happened that day that it will never be forgotten even after time passes.

The story of the mother and child of Yang Chi-seung, who overcame difficult and difficult times with warm family love, can be found on KBS 2TV'TV Carries Love', which airs at 8:30 pm on the 21st.