'Pong-Sunga Institute' F4, Kim Hee-jae, Kim Gyeong-min, Park Gu-yoon, Park Seo-jin, Shin Sung, Hwang Yoon-sung, and'Trot Family' formed

2020-10-21 21:45:04

Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho of the'Pongsunga Institute' formed'Trot Family' by Kim Hee-jae, Kim Gyeong-min, Park Gu-yoon, Park Seo-jin, Shin Sung, and Hwang Yoon-sung, and set out to'Trot Family Outing'.

In the 24th episode of TV CHOSUN'Pongsunga Hakdang' to be aired on the 21st (Wed), Trotman F4 leaves for a village of ginseng with Trot's best friends to hold an exciting'Pongon Party', while passionate about helping ginseng and apple fields.

It burns and erupts a history of chemistry.

Trotman F4 is a group of'brained friends' who are trying to help Punggi's hands: Hee-jae Kim (born in 1995, age 26), Kyung-min Kim (born in 2000, age 21), Guyoon Park (born in 1982, age 39)-Seojin Park (born in 1995)

Age 26)-Shinsung (born in 1985, age 36) and Hwang Yoon-sung (born in 1996, age 25) as a'Trot Family', exploding a unique tension.

In particular, Lim Young-woong showed a fantastic breath of singing together on the spot when Park Seo-jin, the'god of Janggu', sounded wind music, warming up the atmosphere of the scene.

Next,'Trot Family' began a game of'Wearing Pants Without Touching Hands' in which two teams were divided into two teams, centering on Hero Age team Lim Young-woong and Boys Generation team leader Lee Chan-won.

Moreover, as soon as the game started, the members of'Trot Family', including Jang Min-ho, made a big success by exposing unimaginable game skills and offering laughter.

Most of all, as Jang Min-ho struggled to wear pants lying on one side alone, Lee Chan-won, who saw this, raised Jang Min-ho's pants with his mouth and eventually bitten Jang Min-ho, destroying the scene.

Moreover, Yeong-tak created cheers by fully mobilizing the dance skills he had hidden so far to wear his pants, from twisting to windmill and rain's'Kang' dance.

Afterwards, Lee Chan-won and Jang Min-ho's team, who left for the ginseng field, exploded their desire to win fire to dig good ginseng.

Although Lee Chan-won was the first ginseng digging challenge in her life, she emerged as an ace and received applause from the ginseng field owner, while Jang Min-ho caused unpredictable laughter with Heo Dang-beauty, who repeatedly made mistakes from the ginseng field.

After completing the work, the team members of the ginseng field have been selected as the best connoisseur ginseng among canned ginseng, raising questions about who will be the Trotman who selected the best ginseng.

On the other hand, Lim Young-woong and Young-tak, who left for the apple field, showed their extraordinary talent in how to pick apples and exudes enthusiasm.

Beginning with Yeong-tak, who challenged Jo Sung-mo's Sungdae-mosa in the middle of her work, the trotmen filmed a variety of apple CFs that each reinterpreted and sprinkled laughter fertilizer on the apple field.

In addition, as a pro YouTuber, Young-Woong Lim challenges'apple food ASMR' as a pro YouTuber, and interests are gathering about what kind of excitement the apple garden trotmen might have produced.

The production crew said, "Trotman F4 raised the tension even more with the appearance of his best friends, Trotmen, covered with excitement," and said, "I hope a lot from the'Trot Family Outing', which encompasses various charms of the'Trot Family'."

Meanwhile, the 24th episode of TV CHOSUN'Pongsungahhakdang' will be broadcast on Wednesday, 21st at 10pm.