'Radio Star''Trot's four national judges Eun-mi Lee Jin-sung Park Kalin Lee Kun-woo appeared

2020-10-24 11:45:03

'Radio Star' aired on the 21st was Eun-mi Lee (born in 1966, age 55), Seong Jin (born in 1960, age 61), Kalin Park (born in 1967, age 54), and Kun-woo Lee (born in 1961, age 60).

It was decorated with a special feature of'God of Music' together.

These four members are in charge of jury members in the nation's first “K-trot competition” mbc entertainment program “The People of Trot”, which has been broadcast since the 23rd.

The honest and in-depth life talks brought out by the gods of 4 people and 4 colors, the greed of broadcasting, and the mouth full of MSG gave a big smile.

The stage of the “Hwangseong Old Site” by Eunmi Lee, the god of performance, moistened the emotions of viewers on an autumn night.

Here, special MC Jeon Hyun-moo gave a thorough fun by spreading a fantasy breath with'Las' 3MC with a full of artistic progress.

In the 31st year of her debut, Eun-mi Lee, a barefoot diva, who has surpassed 1000 performances cumulatively, revealed the secret story of the stage.

Lee Eun-mi, who performs barefoot, said that she once injured her foot by stepping on broken light fragments on cheering sticks thrown by impressed fans.

In the end, he drew attention by saying that he finished the stage to the end while being covered with blood, and that he was getting a tetanus injection because of the barefoot performance.

Following this, Eunmi Lee said, “I think I have a strong scary image,” and said that the juniors were not good at offering collaboration.

He said that there are many juniors who sing well enough to want to do a duet. “I was so creepy when I first heard Dean's'Instagram'.

Sunwoo Kim Jungah too IU well spent, not to mention, "said Love Call.

It even presented a stage that gave a deep resonance.

Jinsung, who became a star by driving backwards "at Andong Station," made his ears awake with the story of his long obscure days.

He released an anecdote from the self-confidence of being number 1 in karaoke's favorite song for the sixth year to falling on stage.

When he was in his 30s, when he recalled a photo of Black History, he said, "At the time, his nickname was Meju," causing laughter.

He also revealed a love story with his wife.

The start of the meeting was when the owner of a regular restaurant was a friend of his wife and introduced his wife and Jinsung, who enjoyed listening to Jinsung's songs.

Jinseong recalled the flirting encounter with his wife, saying, "It felt like a fragrant autumn breeze wrapped around me," while trembling that the word that the Yangpyeong villa had been plugged into her heart.

In particular, Jinsung confessed the story of her wife's decision to devote her life to love, saying that she had been digging herbs for herself and fell off a rock and was seriously injured.

Musical director Park Kalin, who is famous as a tiger teacher in musicals and entertainment, said that star and personality are important in the'Trot's Nation'.

In particular, he added, “I like the actors on the musical and stage side, but if I feel something lazy, I ask people around me if there are any problems with the practice process in other works,” he added, giving a glimpse of the charismatic music director's unique touch.

In addition, on this day, the past appearance of Park Kalin, who participated in a college song festival 30 years ago and showed cool singing skills and cute dialect skills, was revealed, while the beauty of Leeds resembling actor Sophie Marceau caused admiration.

Lee Kun-woo, “God of Lyrics,” who created 1,200 masterpieces, released the secret story that almost quit writing lyrics after making “Amor Party”.

I thought it would be a hit song after completing the lyrics of the EDM genre ‘Amor Party’, but there was no response.

Lee Kun-woo did not hide his desire for broadcasting, adding competently that he wanted to broadcast after quitting the lyrics.

In addition, he revealed the secret of long-running by analyzing and utilizing the pronunciation characteristics and voices of singers such as Cho Yong-pil, Jeon Young-rok, and Kim Yeon-ja when writing lyrics.

It gave a glimpse of the hidden efforts of the genius lyricist.

Meanwhile, next week's'Radio Star' will be aired with a special feature of'Twice Star' with girl group TWICE.

Twice is about to release their 2nd regular album'Eyes wide open' on the 26th.

On this day, it is known that all the members of'Radio Star' except Jeongyeon, who temporarily suspended their activities for health reasons, will appear.