Powerful Enemies Professor Min-Jeon Kim, Secretary General Yoon Seok-yeol of Minister Mi-ae Choo Investigation and command power Bae Jae super-legal... The government's disappointment is growing

2020-10-24 17:45:03

In the TV Chosun strong talk show'Strong Enemies', which airs on Saturday afternoon today (24th), cast members Hyung-ju Kim, Hyung-joon Park, professor of Dong-A University, Min-jeon Kim, professor of Kyung Hee University, and attorney Min-koo Kang, at the peak of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae and Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol clash.

It deals with.

At the National Assembly Legislative Judiciary Committee's state administration audit at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office on the 22nd, Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol poured out his unstoppable remarks on the invocation of the investigation and command of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae.

Accordingly, Minister Chu ordered a joint inspection by the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

Regarding the exclusion of President Yoon's investigation and command authority, Professor Min-Jeon Kim criticized that it was "extra-legal" and that "the disappointment in the government has increased."

Professor Park Hyung-joon also said, "It has only one political purpose to invoke the investigation command," and "the state's discipline is actually falling down little by little" due to "Suk-yeol Yoon".

Attorney Kang Min-gu expressed his regret about this situation and added, "If you drive the prosecution into a scammer, will the judicial system of the Republic of Korea stand out?" and added, "How will the people see (the prosecution)?"

In addition, with regard to the fact that Yoon accepted this and immediately removed his hand from the investigation and command of the Lime case, former lawmaker Kim Hyung-ju said, "I was very heartbroken to see Yun talked about the victim's pain." "The passport should be the most painful thing."


Then, in this national governance centered on a sharp confrontation between the ruling and the opposition party, "People who do not have the most political sense are the opposition party lawmakers", stating that "President Seok-yeol Yoon is making a statement with a sense of political affairs," and "There is no investigation command authority, but please investigate until the end.

"The message is excellent political sense."

Professor Park Hyung-joon said, "Rather, President Yoon Seok-yeol would have laughed," and predicted that the real message of President Yoon would be "We will not be swayed by our prosecutors, but will investigate properly to reveal this asylum."

Attorney Kang Min-koo also said, "It seems like he has sharpened the battle line," and said, "Because Minister Chu touched the family problem, we have to make a bout that we can no longer withdraw."

Lastly, on the 21st of the 21st, with regard to the declaration of withdrawal from the Democratic Party, Professor Park Hyung-joon said, "The Korean politics is really going backwards," and "(Democratic Party) is infinitely tolerant to one's side, and the duality of attacking the other party."

He criticized the morality of current politics.

Professor Min-Jeon Kim added, "The decisive case that (formerly the former lawmaker) was labeled as hateful in the Democratic Party was the hearing of the motherland."

Predicted the reason.

Along with this controversy, former lawmaker Kim Hyung-ju said, "There may be such voices," but "basically, there are not many (actually) thoughts about the party's fellow lawmakers."

In the meantime, after breaking the silence and fighting for 15 hours at the Director General, the conflict between President Yoon and Minister Chu became worse.

Whether the confrontation between the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office can subside, more details can be found in TV Chosun's at 9:10 pm today (24th).