'Medefense Kellogg' Cashwork Money Making Quiz Correct Answer added

2020-11-09 12:05:04

In the CashWork Money Making Quiz, an application that also solves quizzes and makes money, an additional quiz that asks about'Medefense Kellogg' is presented with correct answers.

The money-making quiz of'Medefence Kellogg', which was posted on Cash Walk on the morning of November 9, said, "Medipence, a personal clean care brand that provides cleanliness to your hands, and everywhere you reach for a healthy lifestyle, is a major confrontation with COVID-19.

For'○○○', we are donating hand serum and hand mist, which are major products. Initial hint: ㅇㄹㅈ".

You can find hints for the correct answers in the circle by clicking on the Go to Find Correct Answers banner to go to the relevant site.

The answer to the second money making quiz on this day is'medical staff'.

If you answer the correct answer, a certain amount of cash is accumulated.