'Body Rub Blue Friday' Cashwork Money Making Quiz Additional Correct Answers Revealed

2020-12-03 11:45:03

The money-making quiz related to'Body Rub Blue Friday' has been additionally disclosed through the reward app Cash Work, and users are showing interest in the correct answer.

The additional question for the money-making quiz of'Body Rub Blue Friday' Cash Walk, which was presented on December 3rd, is "I will give you a limited time coupon OOOO won during the period of Body Rub Blue Friday. What is the number of OOOO?"

You can find the hints for the correct answers in the circle by clicking on the Go to Find Correct Answers banner at the bottom of the quiz to go to the relevant site.

The answer to this money making quiz is '5959'.

You must enter this correctly into Cash Work to earn cash.