“Safe farming for all farmers nationwide”

2021-03-10 18:05:04

The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (Chairman Seong-hee Lee) held a proclamation ceremony for the nationwide campaign ``Please farm safely'' at Nonghyup Anseong Farm Land on the 4th. At the proclamation ceremony, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation President Lee Sung-hee and the National Assembly Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food and Maritime Affairs Committee Chairman Lee Gae-ho, Chung Hyeon-chan, Agricultural and Fishery Special Committee Chairman, Jang Yoon-jeong, and Jang Yoon-jeong.

Public relations ambassadors, heads of related organizations, and heads of farmers' organizations attended. The Nonghyup announced that it was holding a proclamation ceremony to raise farmers' safety awareness and create a safe rural environment.

It is explained that it expressed the will to participate in the government's policy direction, ``Creating a safe workplace that farmers feel,'' and to ensure the success of the campaign through a public-private partnership system. At the proclamation ceremony, participants prayed for ``safe farming'' to raise awareness of farmers and prevent disasters.

Do it' campaign performance.

The “Safe Farming” campaign began as an activity to improve farmers' profits in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Agricultural Cooperatives.

It aims to reduce the rate of accidents in agricultural work by arousing awareness of farmers and preemptively preventing accidents.

The campaign is ongoing throughout the year from December of last year to the end of this year.

Livestock Newspaper, CHUKSANNEWS