Samgyeopsal Day can’t even cross the “corona”

2021-03-10 18:45:07

Failure to enter 4,000 won in the first week of this month...

The recovery trend continues

Around March 3rd Samgyeopsal Day, land prices are showing a recovery trend.

However, there is an analysis that the rise in pig prices does not meet the expectations of the pig farming industry and that the impact of Samgyeopsal Day is less than in previous years.

The price of pigs traded in the nationwide wholesale market was 3,916 won per kilogram of carcass on the 8th.

On February 16th, after bottoming at 3,223 won, it showed a clear rise.

The problem is the rise.

In the pig farming industry, as Samgyeopsal Day is ahead, there was a lot of anticipation that pig prices would start at around 4,000 won by March.

In the last week of February, pig prices rose sharply every day, rising 1,000 won per kilogram in just a week, and last year's case, which far exceeded 4,000 won on February 27, supported the possibility.

But this year was different.

Pig prices, which had been on the rise, stagnated in the range of 3,700 to 3,800 won, and they were struggling to enter the 4,000 won level until the first week of March.

Experts are looking for the reason that Samgyeopsal Day is not enough to reverse the trend of consumption reduction due to the reinforcement of social distancing amid the Corona 19 crisis.

In fact, it is estimated that the increase in pork sales at small marts and meat stores, excluding large retail stores where discount events are in progress, is not significant.

Some analyzes say that online sales, which have supported the pork market even in the face of a virus, have recently slowed somewhat.

This means that household consumption is not meeting expectations.

Eating out consumption also shows signs of revitalizing little by little, mainly in regions where social distancing is at 1.5 levels, but in the case of the metropolitan area, there is still a trend of a cooling period.

An official in the meat processing industry said, “As it is a fun season and social distancing is showing a tendency to ease, pork consumption is expected to steadily rise, mainly in the restaurant market.


However, it will be difficult to see a big rise.”

Accordingly, the average pig price for a month in March will be formed at the level in the early 4,000 won range, and weight is being weighed on the prospect that it will not meet the original expectations.

Livestock Newspaper, CHUKSANNEWS