Seokyeong Yangdon, Drive Through Participation, Sharing

2021-03-10 19:05:18

Seoul Gyeonggi Pig Farm (Chairman Lee Jeong-bae) held various events in celebration of Samgyeopsal Day. On the 3rd, together with the Seoul Regional Headquarters of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, the Uigyeongdae members of the Gangdong Police Station delivered a ‘Happiness Sharing Box for Our Agricultural Livestock Products’ .

It was prepared to express gratitude to the members of the Gangdong Police Station, who are working hard to maintain the safety and security of the citizens in the building, and the Seogyeong Pig Pig Farm provided 100kg of herbs.

On the same day, a non-face-to-face drive-through discount event was held for Samgyeopsal Day. Participated in the Samgyeopsal Day Drive-through event held at Suwon Sports Complex hosted by the Handon Self-Assistance Management Committee.

Handon package' was sold at a reasonable price.

President Jeong-bae Lee visited the venue on this day to deliver handon packages directly to Drive-Thru customers, and actively promoted the herbal handon.