Eye contact Lee Kyung-sil Park Mi-sun, for what reason did you apply?

2020-03-09 16:05:10

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Girl Crush Gagwoman duo Park Mi-sun & Lee Kyung-sil, who starred in the new concept of channel A's new silent art, 'Icon Tact,' are embarrassing.

Park Mi-sun appears as an eye-catching applicant for Channel A's 'Icon Tact', which will be broadcast on the 9th.

Park Mi-sun said of Lee Kyung-sil, “Sister like baguette bread.” “It looks hard on the outside but soft on the inside.

'To Much' is so good.

'Three wheels' is the most responsible for expressing affection in Dantokbang. ”

Park Mi-sun, who visited the studio for the filming of the day, said, "We also do our best and run two YouTube personal channels."

In fact, Park Mi-sun's YouTube has attracted a lot of attention not only for the topic-focusing event but also for Park Mi-sun's unique laugh contents.

Park Mi-sun said, "Because it's mainly the organizer and lead role in broadcasting, I didn't make people laugh, but I'm so excited because I can do everything I want to do."


The reason why Park Mi-seon found 'Icon Tact' in earnest was to make eye contact with her sister Lee Kyung-sil, who was always sorry.

Park Mi-sun reminded me of the long life program 'Se-wheel', which was recorded with members including Kyung-sil Lee.

Park's three wheels, which he met with Lee Kyung-sil and eye-catching actors, were also unique programs.

Park Mi-sun said, "It was strong enough to eat rice in the waiting room with the members of the wheel." "I remember eating rice and steamed chicken. The characters are all different, but they are really sisters."

However, Park Mi-sun answered the question, "Do you make eye contact with your husband, Lee Bong-won?"

He said, "I don't think I've talked much with my husband." He revealed the reality of the couple and released a comedy down force.

On the other hand, Lee Kyung-sil and Park Mi-sun had eye-catching time to look at each other's eyes for five minutes without saying anything, as the way of 'Icon Tact'.

Eye contact began with a serious expression, but Lee Kyung-sil started seeing Park Mi-sun and said, "I think I had my hair raised, but did you cut it again?"

“We need to care for thinning hair,” he added.

Lee Kyung-sil said, “We are old…

I remember when I first saw it, ”he continued.

MC Haha was embarrassed to say, “My sister, I'm not doing that.”

In the end, Park Mi-sun said, “Don't talk, just look at your eyes.” But Kyung-sil Lee thinks of the past years.

”He said.

When Park repeatedly said, "Don't keep talking," Lee Kyung-sil dropped himself and said, "I'm alone."

From then on, the two barely shut up and looked into each other's eyes.

But at the end of the eye, Park Mi-sun said, “5 minutes is short, but it's not easy to keep my mouth shut in this job.”

What kind of professional is this? ”Lee Kyung-sil answered,“ I'm a tortured professional ”and made him hold the navel of 3MC Kang Ho-dong Lee Sang-min.

Legend gag woman Park Mi-sun vs Lee Kyung-sil's eye-catching scene, decorated with laughter bombs at every moment, will be unveiled on Channel A 'Icon Tact' on the 9th.