Around Kim Young-cheol's neighborhood Buam-dong Angol village, supermarket, one-table restaurant, chopsticks crab, scone bakery, Seokpajeong, the second most delicious house collection, Jongno Dumesangol family introduction

2020-03-14 12:05:12

In episode 65 of "One Wheel of the Village of Young-cheol Kim," broadcast on the afternoon of the 14th, the episode "I Want to Walk Slowly-Buam-dong, Seoul" will air.

Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, overlooking Bukhansan Mountain, surrounded by Mt.

Although Buam-dong is located in the center of Seoul, it has no common high-rise buildings.

The town settled on the ridge of the mountain is filled with scenery that is so friendly that you can feel the old mood.

On the shoulders of the Onggi boil, there are Jangdokdae and fields waiting for spring.

Beginning the sixty-fifth journey of as Buam-dong, a hidden treasure house and a treasure trove of memories in Seoul, reminiscent of a mountain village.

▶ A round of Buam-dong starting from the “Changuimun” of Sayangmun in Hanyang

A famous creative gate along with Hyehwamun, Gwanghuimun, and Souimun, the four small gates that were built when building the castle in Seoul.

Changchang is the only place where the old appearance is preserved, so it is also a place where you can feel the past.

In the past, it was a road leading to North Korea and Yangju, and it is the gate that protects Buam-dong.

Actor Kim Young-cheol begins a round of Buam-dong by looking back at the history of old Seoul through the window and looking at the townscape outside the castle surrounded by the window.

▶ An old story hidden in the name of the “bu.am.dong” neighborhood

Actor Kim Young-cheol, who is moving to Buam-dong in earnest.

The first thing that caught his eye is a small monument.

An explanation of the 'Bulch Rock' with the origin of Buam-dong.

It is said that there was a rock where people who wanted to have a son or who lost their son made a stone to make a wish.

It has been a village where many people have lived in the foothills of the mountain since ancient times.

Buchida Bu, after knowing the hidden story that became Buam-dong after the sound of rock, let's go into Buam-dong, which makes us more curious.

▶ “Country in Seoul, Buam-dong” scenery that recalls old memories

Buam-dong is built on a mountain ridge and has many exceptionally steep and narrow alleys.

Is that because?

Each house has an old high pole.

On the road after seeing the congratulations, he meets a newspaper delivery man who rushes to finish his work early in the morning.

A black-haired middle school student moves to the higher Buam-dong, feeling the town atmosphere that recalls the old memories of actor Kim Young-cheol, who delivered the newspaper.

▶ A rural village in Seoul “Angol village where native people live in Buam-dong”

Buam-dong, a hill town that makes you feel like you're climbing.

As I walked up the street, looking at the neighborhood, I came to the last village located at the foot of Inwangsan Mountain.

It is the famous Angol village in Buam-dong.

A neighborhood of ten or so old homes and native residents.

Here, you will meet a grandmother who makes a sweet potato snack, a snack of winter memories often eaten in the countryside.

When she was young, she went up to Buam-dong and lived in one place for 60 years.

Grandma lived on the top of the mountain and remembered that she had a hard time as a young man, but she was so inseparable between her neighbors that she couldn't leave the town until now.

When it comes to snow, we first meet the Angol village where the natives of Buam-dong live, and the road goes back again.

‘One wheel of Kim Young-cheol’ will be broadcast on the 14th at 7:10 pm.