The name of the spotlight of Lee Gyu-yeon reveals the reality of the DMZ WAR unfamiliar

2020-06-25 15:05:05

In the 248th'Lee Kyu-yeon's Spotlight', the DMZ fortification is traced.

■ The intersection of peace and tension DMZ!

The Republic of Korea is still experiencing the pain of division, the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

Why, why didn't peace come for 70 years?

will light up the DMZ, a symbol of the Korean peninsula.

Where cooperation and confrontation are repeated endlessly, it reveals the situation of North and South Korea most nakedly.

The demilitarized zone is the first place to become heavy armored when a provocation occurs.

When did the DMZ lose its original meaning?

Spotlight begins collecting data to find the starting point of the vicious circle of peace and crisis that has been repeated in the DMZ for decades.

However, it was difficult to solve the question about the DMZ only with domestic data, and in the meantime, it was possible to obtain information about the declassification document.

The spotlight has gone abroad since 2019, in order to conduct a more extensive investigation.

Succeeds in visiting the U.S. archive facility and collecting data related to the DMZ.

About 385 minutes of all acquired videos, and 590 unclassified documents.

What secrets are hidden here?

While tracking the DMZ with photos and videos, he discovers a real “demilitarized zone” that is very different from the present.

And, from the late 1960s, to the sudden change that came to the DMZ.

All of the DMZs we didn't even know were revealed!

■ The keyword DMZ WAR found in the unclassified document!

What happened in the peaceful DMZ?

The spotlight, which tracked the DMZ's past through an unclassified document, finds a word that feels incongruous.

Right,'DMZ WAR'.

Spotlight where he met veterans who worked in the DMZ during the intensive digging of the “DMZ WAR”.

The moments when we meet again with video clips of the situation and vivid testimony of veterans!

The name uncovers the reality of the unfamiliar DMZ WAR.

JTBC'Lee Kyu-yeon's Spotlight' DMZ Fortification Visa Tracking!

The episode will air on Thursday, June 25, at 11pm.