Lee Gyu-yeon's spotlight on analyzing the phenomenon of Jeon Kwang-hun with Rep. Kim Yong-tae and Peace Tree

2020-09-10 17:45:04

The 259 episode of'Lee Gyu-yeon's Spotlight' was released.

The 259th subtitle of JTBC's'Lee Gyu-yeon's Spotlight' broadcasted on the afternoon of the 10th is'Jeon Kwang-Hoon Fandom' Tracking.

■ ‘square icon’ three crucial scenes!

Jeon Gwang-hoon, who emerged as a synonym for conservatives at once while leading a large-scale rally for the resignation of Moon Jae-in.

Jeon Kwang-hoon aimed to enter the National Assembly by repeating the founding of Christianity several times.

What was his political desire?

While tracking Jeon Kwang-hoon's political chronology, the crucial moments were captured!

Meeting with the opposition leader!

Square's remarks!

And some kind of solidarity!

We analyze the phenomenon of Jeon Kwang-hoon with conservative Jung-jin Jung, Rep. Kim Yong-tae, tracer Jeon Kwang-hun, and Peace Tree.

And he traces the prism of the phenomenon of Jeon Kwang-hoon that has blown into the political world.

■'Revival politics' hidden background!

“The Jeon Kwang-hoon Phenomenon” has blown to the religious world!

Jeon Kwang-hoon, who made his name known as Makmal and revival!

How did you get the support of the Orthodox Christian Church?

8.15 Large church pastors who participated in the assembly!

While pursuing them, he discovers the link between the "Jeon Kwang-hoon phenomenon" and religion.

One theologian who studied the Jeon Gwang-hoon phenomenon says that “hate and deprivation” lies behind the “Jeon Gwang-hoon phenomenon”.

And it’s foretold that “the second Jeon Kwang-hoon” will appear...

Tracking the ‘Jeon Kwang-hoon phenomenon’ and political chronicles!

JTBC's ‘Jeon Kwang-hoon fandom’ will be broadcast on Thursday, September 10 at 11 pm.