Amazing Saturday, Lee Ji-hye, Kwang-hee, booming in constant talk, you need to be careful about going fast today

2020-09-12 14:45:03

Singers and broadcasters Ji-hye Lee and Kwang-hee appear on tvN's'Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market', which airs on the 12th, delivering a rich laugh.

According to the production crew, Lee Ji-hye and Kwang-hee visited the studio.

Doremi, who transformed into various vocalists according to the concept of “I am a Vocal,” welcomed them.

From the beginning, Lee Ji-hye laughed by revealing the charm of Kwan Jong's sister.

I never imagined it would appear twice in “Nolto”.

I will serve you like my family,” saying, “I will stand up and sing a song and show off my vocal skills from the shop's main vocalist.

Kwang-hee also ran into the scene with a pleasant presence.

Gwang-hee, who thanked her for having turned around a lot after appearing in “Nolto,” raised expectations by predicting mass production of memes.

Afterwards, as Lee Ji-hye and Kwang-hee continued to talk continuously, Boom said, “You have to be careful about going fast today.

Fortunately, “Nolto” is not a talk show.”

Even the members “I want to hear the song quickly.

I want to solve the problem,” he said.

After the dictation began, Hye-ri asked for a change of seats, saying, “I'm tired,” and asked everyone to hold the belly button.

In the meantime, a highly difficult song that made me lament that “there is no possibility” was presented in the dictation.

Hye-ri and Moon Se-yoon, who are in fierce one-shot competition amid the passionate discussions of the members, Nucksal, who has been on the rise recently, and Kim Dong-hyun, who have an extraordinary catching ability, started to show their skills.

Kwang-hee also became an ace with her dear activity.

He unfolded a hard carry that made "It's awesome" throughout the recording, such as inferring the right answer like a ghost from the clues Kim Dong-hyun threw.

Gwanghee, who was excited to the fullest, showed a dance of joy, saying, “Nolto is Go Jingamrae,” and Doremis laughed at worrying, “Then, I will fall”.

Jihye Lee also caught the attention with infinite energy that never tires.

When you ask a question, you get the nickname of “wisdom intelligence,” as there is nothing you don't know in the comments that don't stop like a machine, and it added fun by showing a full board and skillful covering up mistakes with technology.

In the meantime, on this day, the exciting results were revealed, and Doremis were aroused by the fact that it made Doremis goosebumps.

In addition, a ‘Lyric Passion Drama Quiz’ appeared in the snack game that day.

The members were delighted with Lee Ji-hye's splendid performance, saying, "Hye-ri's appearance after 20 years."

In response to this, Lee Ji-hye and Hye-ri presented an exciting and explosive collaboration stage, and the members burst out cheers saying'Lee Ji-hye-ri' in the joint dance of the two.

Lee Ji-hye, who had risen in water, broke into the stage without even attempting to give off her talent, and received a warning from the boom.

In addition, it is said that the laughter did not end until Lee Ji-hye's skillful tongue full of gwanjongmi, and Kim Donghyun's personal skill, which raised the concerns of the members of "I become even more stupid".

tvN'Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market' airs at 7:40 pm today.