'Radio Star' Sam Hammington, William's younger brother is expecting third

2020-09-16 18:45:04

Broadcaster Sam Hammington appeared on “Radio Star,” revealing the fact that his first son William is expecting his younger brother and his third plan.

The high-quality talk show MBC'Radio Star' (planning Ahn Soo-young / director Choi Haeng-ho) scheduled to air today (16th) will be decorated with a special feature of the'Management Expedition' with Park Si-eun, Jin Tae-hyun, Sam Hamington, and Lee Jin-seong.

Sam Hamington, the first foreigner-born entertainer, is enjoying his heyday by appearing in child-raising entertainment with his sons William and Bentley.

He has been active in various fields from comedians to actors, and he is regretting that he has only recently been invited to broadcast through his'Wilvenger's Dad' and said, "I don't know what my presence is," but he said that he showed off his lovely children and made a smile.

In particular, Sam Hamington is going to confess the reason for reflecting on the story of the storm and tears while watching the child-raising entertainment show ‘Superman is Back’, and the reason for reflecting on the entertainment sense of his son with a natural talent, which stimulates curiosity.

The third plan is also told.

Sam Hammington said, "I thought up to five," revealing his dad's greed, and hinting, "William is expecting a younger brother."

Also, to meet Bentley's younger brother, his wife endures pain and anxiety and confesses the part she is trying to make.

On the other hand, Sam Hammington will become a'short-answer' simultaneous interpreter between his poor English-speaking wife and a mother who can communicate only in English, and will reveal the story of his mother-in-law and the world's awkward'man in crisis' that he sees every day, thus stimulating the desire for full-time shooting.


On the other hand, Sam Hamington's Dadung's greed can be confirmed in'Radio Star', which is scheduled to air at 10:40 pm on the 16th.