Im Jian, who made viewers curious, what happened?

2020-09-26 12:05:04

Singer Im Ji-an (born in 1987, age 34) appeared on SBS'Trossine Outing 2'.

It arouses the curiosity of viewers.

Lim Ji-an is a trot singer who debuted in 2015 with her single album, ‘I like it.’

In September 2015, she released her collection album'Daum Multicolor' and won the 2016 Newcomer Award at the Proud Korean Awards, and the 2016 Newta TV Awards Festival Sung Is Amazing. She is working as a trot singer.

But she has a painful story.

Her younger brother was the female victim of the taxi driver murder in Mokpo in February 2017.

The Mokpo Police Department applied for an arrest warrant for A (55), a taxi driver, for murdering a female passenger at the time attempting to sexually assault (rape murder).

As a result of the police investigation, Mr. A stopped his taxi on the vacant lot of a certain industrial complex, about 12 km from Mokpo City, about 4 am on February 18, 2017, and attempted sexual assault against Mr. B (26, female) and strangled him to death.


After the incident was reported through the media, Im Jian said on an official Facebook page in February of the same year, "I am working in a profession in front of all people, but I am very sorry and unfair, so I hope that you will share it with me."

Posting an article attracted attention.

She said, "My 28-year-old sister, the fourth of six siblings, is a victim of the Mokpo taxi homicide, which is being covered in the news these days," she said.

It turned out to be shocked.

Following the confession of the killer, Im Jian said, "It was too elaborate and step-by-step actions to be called an accidental crime. More shockingly, the killer drove a taxi the next day after the crime and was arrested during the business.

“It’s so horrible to think that the customers were in the taxi I went to.”

"The criminal is not the first criminal, but 9 criminals," he revealed and said, "It is a ridiculous case that he drank alcohol, boarded alone, fell asleep, and was too late to be a target for the crime.

We will fight without the victims appearing.”

The taxi driver who committed the crime is sentenced to life imprisonment in the court and is in prison.